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The Sony XEL-1 OLED Digital TV

Suggested retail price is $2,499.99

Released at last years CES. Sony is focussing it's full strenght on the OLED technology as could be see at this year CES show in Las Vegas. Different prototypes featuring the OLED technology are on the way! The Sony OLED Digital TV was featured again at the 2009 Consumer Electronics trade show in Las Vegas. Sony's 50" OLED Digital TV is unbelievably thin (3mm). It's display panel is so thin and slim that it only weighs only 4.19 lbs. The light-emitting OLED technology of the Sony OLED Digital TV eliminates the need for a back light and achieves a high level of energy efficiency.

The Sony XEL-1 OLED Digital TV is very eco-friendly according to Sony. It is not made with any hazordous material like lead or mercury. Also, the carbon based compound is very energy efficient so you are looking to a 40% reduction in power compared to LCT TV's.

Get your hands on the industry's first OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) television, featuring a 3mm thin panel and breathtaking image contrast, brightness and color. Sony's OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV, the XEL-1, is truly the next big thing in television technology. The OLED Digital TV boasts a 3 millimeter thin panel and offers unparalleled picture quality with amazing contrast, outstanding brightness, exceptional color reproduction, and a rapid response time. It delivers astounding performance in all the key picture quality categories. OLED technology can completely turn off pixels when reproducing black, resulting in more outstanding dark scene detail and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. OLED also creates unmatched color expression and detail and enables rapid response times for smooth and natural reproduction of fast moving images like those found in sports and action movies. The XEL-1 features the latest connectivity options including two HDMI™ inputs, a digital tuner, and a Memory Stick® media slot for viewing high-resolution photos.

Key Features

  • Incredibly Slim : OLED TV’s are incredibly slim because organic material directly emits light so OLED Display panels do not require a thick backlight or complex construction like other flat panel technologies. The Sony® XEL-1 is an unbelievable 3mm thin (without its stand)!
  • Blazing Fast Response Time : When turned "on," individual organic elements are stimulated directly by electric Current, and therefore Response Time is incredibly fast.
  • Outstanding Contrast : When an organic Pixel is turned "off" the result is complete darkness. This results in deep blacks and an unheard of Contrast Ratio of 1,000,000:1. Yes, that’s a one million to one Contrast Ratio!
  • Exceptional Color Reproduction : Sony’s unique "Super Top Emission" technology, which combined with a special mircro-cavity and color filters, enhances color purity, achieves extraordinary high color Contrast. In fact, 105% of the NTSC Color Space can be achieved!
  • Wide Viewing Angles : OLED colors and Contrast look amazing even at wide 178° viewing angles due to the direct view nature of the panel. Pixel colors look fantastic even at wide 178° viewing angles for an outstanding viewing experience.
  • High Brightness : Because OLED elements individually emit light that are directly displayed on the screen, high Brightness levels can be achieved.
  • Energy Efficiency : OLED technology delivers a more efficient means of utilizing light, which is generated by the organic material itself instead of an always on backlight; also, when elements are in their "off" state, they consume no power whatsoever.

OLED Story:
What’s so great about OLED? Lots! Blazing fast response times, wide viewing angles, exceptional color reproduction, outstanding Contrast levels, and high Brightness. The nature of its technology lends itself to extremely thin and lightweight designs along with the ability to use it in a variety of different applications. OLED is the holy grail of TV Display technologies!

What is OLED? OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. The "organic" in OLED refers to organic material. Carbon is the basis of all organic matter. Examples of carbon-based substances include sugar, wood and the majority of plastics. The "LED" stands for "Light Emitting Diode" and describes the process of converting electric energy into light. There are two types of OLED – small molecule OLED and polymer OLED. Sony uses the small molecule type because it has a longer lifespan.

The building blocks of OLED

How does OLED work? A Layer of organic material is sandwiched between two conductors (an anode and a cathode), which in turn are sandwiched between a glass top plate (seal) and a glass bottom plate (substrate). When electric Current is applied to the two conductors, a bright, electro-luminescent light is produced directly from the organic material.

How is color created? : OLED has more control over color expression because it only expresses pure colors when an electric Current stimulates the relevant Pixels. The OLED primary color matrix is arranged in red, green, and blue Pixels, which are mounted directly to a printed circuit board. Each individual OLED element is housed in a special "micro-cavity" structure designed to greatly reduce ambient light interference that also works to improve overall color Contrast.

The thickness of the organic Layer is adjusted to produce the strongest light for each of the colors – red, green and blue - used to render the color picture. The three colors are further refined by a color filter, which purifies each color without the need for a polarizer, rendering outstanding color purity.

What’s next for OLED? Sony established a milestone with the introduction of the industry’s first Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) television, the XEL-1. This 11" diagonal desktop color television is just the first step Sony is taking in the world of OLED televisions. Larger screen sizes and higher native resolutions are possible. As substrates get thinner, the displays will in turn get thinner.

There are a variety of other uses for OLED technology. In fact, Sony has developed a new Application for OLED technology called Organic Thin Film Transistor (TFT). The newly developed Organic TFT can be deposited on a flexible plastic Display, which is the world’s first full-color Display that can project full color moving images even when the Display is bent. reviews gives the Sony XEL-1 OLED Digital TV a "very good" 3.5 star rating out of 5 stars. They state that the Sony XEL-1 OLED Digital TV produces absolute black levels, excellent color saturation, superb viewing angle and screen uniformity as well as a sleek design featuring its ultratin panel. What they don't like is that it is expensive, inaccurate primay colors, less than HD resolution. Yet Amazon reviewers so far give it mostly an excellent 4 to 5 star rating. has a special discount (special offers and product promotions) on the Sony OLED Digital TV right now! Save $500.00 on this item when you purchase 1 or more DMEX DMXWL1 BRAVIA Wireless HD Link offered by Here's how (restrictions apply). But you probably may see more of these discounts if you can wait a couple of months.

View the Sony XEL-1 OLED Digital TV in action at the Consumer Electronics trade show in Las Vegas:

Pictures and text credits to Sony, and CNET.

Bar Stools Bar Furniture

Itamar Harari: Manhattan Martini Cocktail Modern Bar Stool Adjustable

By far, the most beautiful bar stool around! The Manhattan Martini cocktail bar stool is practical, comfortable and pleasing for the eye. Taking inspiration from a classic Martini cocktail, the Manhattan bar stool was named after the famous Manhattan Martini cocktail, complete with an olive which serves as a backrest. This is one of our most beautiful and striking bar stools. It's attractive design is instantly noticeable and makes them friendly and accessible. The Manhattan bar stool can be used as a counter stool around a kitchen island or for use as a bar stool in the restaurant and hospitality business. Perfect for cocktail bars, restaurants and hotels. The olive shaped lumbar backrest is also used to regulate the height of the bar stool. This unique feature makes the stool very versatile and offers adjustable height so you can use it just about anywhere.

Tom Dixon Fluoro Shade Lamp

Tom Dixon Fluoro Shade Lamps

Part of the new 2009 collection, the Tom Dixon Fluoro Shade Lamp are super modern eye catching pendant lights and the natural follow up after Tom Dixon's Mirror Ball Light series. Made from polycarbonate with a matte fluorescent orange coating. Available as a pendant or floor light. A great fit together with Enzo Mari's La Mela print perhaps:

Tom Dixon Mirror Ball Lights

Tom Dixon Mirror Ball Modern Lights. These super-beautiful pendant lights were designed by British designer Tom Dixon. The Diesel store in New York features an entire installation with these beautiful modern lights. The versatile Mirror Ball collection, offers a lamp for every function: Mirror Balls hang in a voluptuous chandelier, sit on a stand to read from, or are scattered around the floor. Perfect for both residential and commercial projects since they are UL listed. Blown like bubble gum into a mould, these plastic spheres are metalised internally to give a mirror finish, which focuses the light from the bulb, projecting a soft, broad beam of light. The UV coated chrome look has the added benefit of making the exterior highly reflective: a refreshing alternative to the overwhelming orthodoxy of technical lighting.

Modern Design Table Lamp

This fantastic modern table lamp was designed in 1962. It's design was far ahead of its time. This modern lamp was designed by the Italian designer Joe Colombo. It was awarded the Medaglia d'Oro at the XIIIth Triennale, where Joe Colombo also won two silver medals (for the "Combi-Center" and the "Mini-Kitchen"), the "Acrilica" consolidated Joe Colombo as one of the great designers of the day. This modern table lamp is made of a very thick perspex curved G-shaped cast through which the light appears to climb, exemplifying both a possible meeting point between art and design, as well as an elegant use of new materials. The light beams through the plastic, giving indirect and diffused light. A hidden light source in the base of this innovative lamp casts light through the clear acrylic, emitting both a direct and ambient light.

Architecture by William Morgan

Dune House
William Morgan Architects
Atlantic Beach, Florida

There is another spectacular oceanfront modern home for sale in Florida. The Dune House was designed by William Morgan Architects. William Morgan Architects created The Dune House in 1975. The architect was inspired by ancient American Indian mounds and prehistoric earthworks. This fantastic building features feminine curves. The Dune House on the edge of the sand at Atlantic Beach on the east coast of Florida is an incredible modern architectural treasure. The house features two one-bedroom units which measure about 750-square-foot combined. Each unit comes complete with curved wood panel, fluid lines, conversation pits and built-in furniture on a an almost 10,000.00 square feet lot. The building features a grassed roof which helps to keep temperatures down in the hot summer months. The seller would prefer to keep it GREEN. He liked to water the Dune House’s grass roof each evening to relax, his wife Bunny said. The Dune House is for sale for $1,850,000 which is a tad too much for us. But heavy hitters or trust fund babies with modern taste can hopefully purchase and protect this wonderful piece of modern architecture so it can survive the next century.

For more information and images on William N. Morgan's other work, visit his Web site, and click Residential, then sit back and enjoy a good show.

The listing agent is Tansy Moon at Prudential Network Realty. When you are looking for a good agent in Florida who specialized in modern architecture, check with Martie Lieberman at

Martie Lieberman knows a lot about moderm architecture and you can request a free copy of the Modern Sarasota Architecture driving tour from Martie Lieberman. The Modern Sarasota Architecture driving tour is a self-guided driving tour Martie created over time to see approximately 100 examples of architecture. The tour can be completed in one day or can be broken up into segments as your schedule permits. Sarasota is so beautiful, you will want to stop and enjoy the scenery and beautiful beaches along the way!

Get your free copy of the Modern Sarasota Architecture driving tour from Martie at:

Gene Leedy Drexel House

Gene Leedy Drexel House
Sarasota, Florida

Martie Lieberman just informed us that the important Gene Leedy-designed "Sarasota School of Architecture" house is for sale. It is located on Drexel Avenue in the heart of "Leedy-Land" in Winter Haven, Florida.

Featured in Sarasota Modern by Andrew Weaving, (see pages 98-109) this mid-century modern is well-known as the Weaving/Thomasson House.

Are you interested? The owner wants (only) $255,000. Get in touch with her directly (right now!) at 407.992.8133 or Email: Or contact Martie Lieberman who specializes in mid century modern architecture in Florida.

If you are a fan of mid-century modern architecture and plan to visit the West Coast of Florida, you won't want to miss the chance to see Sarasota's legacy of modern buildings, known throughout the world as the Sarasota School of Architecture.

You can request a free copy of the Modern Sarasota Architecture driving tour by Martie Lieberman. The Modern Sarasota Architecture driving tour is a self-guided driving tour Martie created over time to see approximately 100 examples of architecture. The tour can be completed in one day or can be broken up into segments as your schedule permits. Sarasota is so beautiful, you will want to stop and enjoy the scenery and beautiful beaches along the way!

Get your free copy of the Modern Sarasota Architecture driving tour from Martie at:

Danielle Quarante Albatros

The Albatros chair was designed in the late 1960's by Danielle Quarante for Airborne. Beautiful curves, beautiful Space Age design.

Space Age Modern Table

Space Age Boomerang table and chair by Maurice Calka

The Boomerang table and chair are marvelous. No longer in production unfortunately. They were designed in 1970 by Maurice Calka for Leieu-Deshays, a French furniture manufacturer. One of the most futuristic tables we have ever seen. This would be a great reception table as well. Almost impossible to find so we hope someone puts it in production again soon.

Picture Credit:

Paul Rudolph Walker House

Walker Residence, Sanibel Island, Florida
Paul Rudolph (1918-1997)

This perspective rendering for a Florida vacation house completed in 1953 by Paul Rudolph represents a radical and influential change both in how buildings were conceived and in how they were represented. Its forms, reduced to a bare modernist vocabulary of foundation elements, stilt-like supports, window walls, and partitions between openly visible living spaces, define the architecturally adventurous spirit of post-WWII America. Rudolph's Walker Residence, one of the first the architect developed on his own, both opens out to its natural setting and embraces natural elements, including the tree around which it has been built. Houses like this one helped launch Rudolph's career, which included commercial, cultural, civic, and urban structures conceived and built through the 1990s.

Two bays on each side of this guest cottage are filled with pivoting panels which function as 1) the enclosing wall, 2) the ventilating element, 3) the shading device, and 4) the hurricane shelter. The third bay is filled with glass, to admit light and [provide] splendid views. When the panels are closed, the pavilion is snug and cave-like. When open, the space psychologically changes, and one is virtually in the landscape.

Paul McCartney for PETA

Many years ago, I was fishing,
and as I was reeling in the poor fish,
I realized, "I am killing him - all for
the passing pleasure it brings me".
And something inside me clicked.
I realized as I watched him fight
for breath, that his life was as
important to him as mine is to him.

Join Paul McCartney:

Mod Pop Art Heating Elements

Who said that heating elements couldn't be fashionable? The Italian design house Scirocco specializes in producting extremely attractive water heating elements. Their latest product is the Graffe which looks like an oversized paperclip. These water heating elements look so cool, that I would almost consider giving up on our forced heating system. Graffe was designed by Italian designers Franca Lucarelli and Bruna Rapisarda. Valves, brackets, etc. are designed so that they blend in with the overal design, with special attention to detail.

Salone Internazionale del Mobile

Above: the first International Furniture Fair was held in 1961.

April 22 - April 27, 2009

From 22nd to 27th April at the Milan Fairgrounds, Rho: this year I Saloni will comprise the 48th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the 25th of Euroluce, the 23rd of the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, and it will also mark the 12th anniversary of SaloneSatellite.

It's all systems go again! The engines driving the great Saloni machine are now up and running, fired up by the huge success of the previous edition.
Great projects, great displays and great crowds will provide the basic ingredients for what is universally regarded as the key event par excellence at global level in the home furnishing sector.

This year will comprise the 48th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the 25th of Euroluce, the 23rd of the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, and it will also mark the 12th anniversary of SaloneSatellite. As always, there will be an infinite range of offerings, showcasing every possible type of domestic furnishing, from stand-alone pieces to coordinates, and every possible style, from classical to design to modern, not to mention trendsetting.

The all-encompassing range of top quality goods on display at Euroluce, the International Lighting Exhibition, will serve as confirmation yet again of the original interest in the decorative that subsequently led to the involvement of other sectors such as street lighting, technical illumination, light sources and their control systems. SaloneSatellite, that unmissable event and great crowd-pulling catalyst, will be held again this year, with its line-up of creative young talent at the service of businesses.

Collateral events
The two worlds of Furnishing and Light will also be the protagonists for the two collateral events that have been the hallmark adjuncts of the Saloni for many years. A major exhibition – conceived and overseen by Luigi Settembrini - will be devoted to modern and antique furnishing, tying them in with a special pedigree mapping out the origins of Made in Italy.

Light in all its infinite and spectacular variations will be the focus for the other event, which will be held against the backdrop of Milan, a veritable homage by the Saloni to the city itself, underlining the close link between the exhibition proper and the urban fabric.

Foscarini Caboche Lights in Gold

To celebrate the incredible success of the Caboche lamp range, Foscarini is introducing the Caboche Gold. The brilliant Caboche modern lighting range by Foscarini is now available in a warm and rich golden yellow tone. The gold-colored Caboche light listens to the name "Giallo Oro" which translates into "Yellow Gold".

This new color ads a surprisingly new flavor compared to the classic transparent version of the Caboche light. The golden color conveys the precious nature and lightness of Caboche in a new, highly striking and decorative expression, which multiplies the possibilities of including it in different styles of environments. The challenge of this new version is its chromatic density, perfectly calibrated to give decisive character, without compromising the brilliance and typical transparency of the Caboche light range. The spheres, in their new golden color, act as lenses, multiplying the luminosity of the central light source. The screens in white mat glass guarantee maximum diffusion of the light, while protecting the bulb and preventing glare.

Caboche Modern Chandelier

The Caboche modern pendant lamp is a brilliant lamp. This modern lamp has a luxurious feel to it but fits perfectly well into both modern or traditional homes.

From all the modern lighting we have seen in the last years, the Caboche is still one of the most remarkable lights. The Caboche lamp is composed of transparent globes made of polymethylmetacrylate. A shade in white matt finish glass offers direct upward and downward light projection and diffusion throughout the space.

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Elio Martinelli Serpente Lamp

Serpente Floor Lamp

The Serpente lamp was designed by Elio Martinelli for his own lighting label, Martinelli Luce.
The Serpente lamp is available as a table lamp and also in a floor lamp edition. Elio Martinelli designed the Serpente lamps in 1965. The lamp has a beautiful Space Age form with attractive curves.

Serpente Table Lamp

The period commonly referred to as the "Space Age" took place in four years, the period between 1968-1972. It found it's origin with the preparation and the actual landing on the moon in 1969. Round shapes like the astronaut's helmet gave inspiration to designers everywhere. Who doesn't remember the Videosphere, Weltron or Panasonic's Panapet.

Above: JVC Videosphere

Above: Weltron Turntable

Space Age design ruled the world during the following years. Living through these fantastic years between 1968 and 1972 felt like a gold rush. But the oil crisis of 1973 closed the doors of the Space Age party. The period when the world turned to plastic for it's every day needs left us with mind dazzling and free spirited creations from designers like Verner Panton, Olivier Mourgue, Joe Colombo, Eero Saarinen, Eero Aarnio and many more. Critics now look back to this period and recognize it was one of the most important periods of 20th century design.

The Serpente lamp has become one of the classic icons of 20th Century Design and can be found in museum collections worldwide, including the permanent collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York.