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Modern Design Table Lamp

This fantastic modern table lamp was designed in 1962. It's design was far ahead of its time. This modern lamp was designed by the Italian designer Joe Colombo. It was awarded the Medaglia d'Oro at the XIIIth Triennale, where Joe Colombo also won two silver medals (for the "Combi-Center" and the "Mini-Kitchen"), the "Acrilica" consolidated Joe Colombo as one of the great designers of the day. This modern table lamp is made of a very thick perspex curved G-shaped cast through which the light appears to climb, exemplifying both a possible meeting point between art and design, as well as an elegant use of new materials. The light beams through the plastic, giving indirect and diffused light. A hidden light source in the base of this innovative lamp casts light through the clear acrylic, emitting both a direct and ambient light.