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Architecture by William Morgan

Dune House
William Morgan Architects
Atlantic Beach, Florida

There is another spectacular oceanfront modern home for sale in Florida. The Dune House was designed by William Morgan Architects. William Morgan Architects created The Dune House in 1975. The architect was inspired by ancient American Indian mounds and prehistoric earthworks. This fantastic building features feminine curves. The Dune House on the edge of the sand at Atlantic Beach on the east coast of Florida is an incredible modern architectural treasure. The house features two one-bedroom units which measure about 750-square-foot combined. Each unit comes complete with curved wood panel, fluid lines, conversation pits and built-in furniture on a an almost 10,000.00 square feet lot. The building features a grassed roof which helps to keep temperatures down in the hot summer months. The seller would prefer to keep it GREEN. He liked to water the Dune House’s grass roof each evening to relax, his wife Bunny said. The Dune House is for sale for $1,850,000 which is a tad too much for us. But heavy hitters or trust fund babies with modern taste can hopefully purchase and protect this wonderful piece of modern architecture so it can survive the next century.

For more information and images on William N. Morgan's other work, visit his Web site, williammorganarchitects.com and click Residential, then sit back and enjoy a good show.

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