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Foscarini Caboche Lights in Gold

To celebrate the incredible success of the Caboche lamp range, Foscarini is introducing the Caboche Gold. The brilliant Caboche modern lighting range by Foscarini is now available in a warm and rich golden yellow tone. The gold-colored Caboche light listens to the name "Giallo Oro" which translates into "Yellow Gold".

This new color ads a surprisingly new flavor compared to the classic transparent version of the Caboche light. The golden color conveys the precious nature and lightness of Caboche in a new, highly striking and decorative expression, which multiplies the possibilities of including it in different styles of environments. The challenge of this new version is its chromatic density, perfectly calibrated to give decisive character, without compromising the brilliance and typical transparency of the Caboche light range. The spheres, in their new golden color, act as lenses, multiplying the luminosity of the central light source. The screens in white mat glass guarantee maximum diffusion of the light, while protecting the bulb and preventing glare.