Texas Wine Bottle Opener

Need a unique Texas gift idea for the wine lover in you (or family & friends)? Open up wine Texan-style with this longhorn-shaped bottle opener! Crafted from durable metal-the perfect touch to any bar or kitchen!

Small Nativity Scene Sets - Modern Christmas Decorations, White


Dreaming of a white Christmas?  Add a modern touch in your holiday decor with this beautiful porcelain nativity scene set created by NOVA68 in hand glazed porcelain and gold accentuated touches. Looking for our miniature white nativity set in porcelain? This beautiful tabletop-sized porcelain nativity scene set is absolutely stunning and will certainly become the center of your holidays. Meticulously crafted from white glazed porcelain; this modern nativity set is simply perfect. Gold accents are applied by hand to create a rich and warm appearance. Spare and simple, our re-creation of an age-old story is transformed into a work of art with a modern and stylish edge. Each nativity scene comes complete with the figures as pictured. Tallest figure measures 4" tall; small sheep measures 2" tall. Packaged in a box suitable for gift giving. Christmas is all about creating the right atmosphere so check out our amazing collection of wonderful Christmas decorations and more.

Want to see something nice? Brett Weston's B&W "White Sands" Photography

Brett Weston
White Sands

Part of our masters of photography series, we pay tribute to Brett Weston and his captivating White Sands images. There are believed to be a total of 50 of Brett Weston's White Sands portfolios in existence, some printed in 1949, others printed in 1975. The 1949 printing, comprised of 10 images, is scarce, as only 17 copies of this 10-image portfolio are believed to have been completed. The later printing in 1975 of the additional 33 portfolios, which comprised 12 images, included 9 of the original images as well as 3 later images. All 50 of the portfolio cases were manufactured at the time of the 1949 printing, and were used for both the 1949 and 1975 editions of the portfolios.  The original 10-image portfolio is currently valued around $25,000 to $35,000.  But there is no need to despair; Lodima Press reproduced 15 images of the White Sands portfolio, you can order the book directly from Lodima Press.  Another book we can highly recommend is Brett Weston: Master Photographer

Brett Weston seemed destined from birth to become one of the greatest American photographers. Born in 1911 in Los Angeles, California, Weston was the second son of famous photographer Edward Weston. At the age of 14, his father removed him from school where they then relocated to Edward Weston’s photographic studio in Mexico. It was in Mexico where Weston began making photographs with a Graflex 3 ¼ x 4 ¼ Camera. He became his father’s apprentice and was introduced to painters like Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco, and photographers such as Tina Modotti. These artists introduced the young Weston to modern art forms, which unquestionably influenced his early sense of form and composition. Under the astonished eye of his father, Weston began his legendary technical precision, bold design and extreme abstractions of form. His father once observed that Weston was doing better work at the age 14 then he had done at the age of 30 years old. According to the curator of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Van Deren Coke, “Brett Weston was the child genius of American photography.

Throughout the decades of the 1950s and 1970s, Brett Weston's style changed sharply and was characterized by high contrast, abstract imagery. The subjects he chose were, for the most part, not unlike what interested him early in his career; plant leaves, knotted roots and tangled kelp along the beach. He concentrated mostly on close-ups and abstracted details, but his prints reflected a preference for high contrast that reduced his subjects to pure form.

Brett Weston’s lifetime devotion and total involvement with the medium created a body of work and a contribution to photography that transcends comparisons to his father and has few equals in contemporary photography.

Credits: The Brett Weston Family Archive, Sotheby's, Christies.

Modern 2-Fold Office Organization Porsche 700 Storage Cabinet, Steel

Styled like a Porsche 911; the Modern 2-Fold Office Organization Porsche 700 Storage Cabinet, Steel from NOVA68. Made by Porsche Design; the ultimate in modern office furniture. The "Porsche 700" storage office and service car designed by F.A. Porsche brings a whole new meaning to words like mobility and flexibility. Materials of the highest quality in combination with the truly multifunctional interior guarantee a sophisticated and pleasant experience. This extremely versatile unit is perfect for a wide variety of applications including business, service or home use. It keeps confidential business papers safely locked away and offers easy and fast access to your files at the same time. Dividers can be inserted and the shelf height is adjustable as well. Easy opens with a simple handling to 180 degrees. Exclusive from NOVA68 by Special Order. Imported from Germany.

crown light - kroon light price - moooi kroon light

kroon led pendant lamp. moooi boast about their attention to detail and that they pool the talents of many designs across europe, including renown established designers such as marcel wanders and bertjan pot. the main aim of moooi is to develop the best selection of contemporary lighting and lamps the world has to offer so flexibility in the way these lighting fixtures are created is paramount. if youre looking for the ultimate statement piece to complement your room or even be a starting block to choose the rest of its decoration you can guarantee that there will be something in the moooi collection which will inspire you. for instance take the moooi kroon light, available in champage or black the feeling of depth which is created from the light could inspire the theme of an entire room. moooi - kroon, led pendant lamp, the led light source consumes up to 90% less energy and lasts 100 times longer than incandescent bulbs. stunning when suspensed by itself or when grouped in multiples, moooi lighting designs take inspiration from both the natural and industrialized world. 

prop light price - moooi prop light

Prop Light Price, Technical, Dimensions and more.  Prop Lights by Bertjan Pot for Moooi. Bertjan Pot was born in 1975 in Nieuwleusen, The Netherlands. He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1988, and began his career using the moniker The Monkey Boys with fellow designer Daniel White. In 2003, Pot started designing under the name Studio Bertjan Pot, which he continues to use, working alongside Vladi Rapaport and Marjolein Fase. Based in Schiedam, the studio produces interior products marked by a highly experimental approach and a fascination with technique, texture, structure, pattern, and color. In addition to self-initiated pieces, Studio Bertjan Pot collaborates with companies and institutions such as Moooi, Montis, Established & Sons, Alturo Alvarez, Richard Lampert, Den Herder Production House, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, and the AUDAX Textielmuseum Tilburg. Our new Prop Light was designed by Bertjan Pot for Moooi. These futuristic white + glass chandelier looks like its levitating from the transparent electrical cords. Unquestionably the most versatile lamp ever, the straightforward yet ingenious Prop Light by Bertjan Pot represents the perfect lighting solution for literally any kind of interior. These futuristic Prop lighting fixtures are a great way to take any room in any space to the next level. Whether you prop it up against a wall, hang it from a ceiling or place it on a floor, Pop Light's bubbly form and pure spirit brighten up any kind of environment with a fresh, timeless elegance. Enjoy ethereal spheres of light in your home, at the office or in a public space. 


Centipede Modern Envelope & Mail Organizer Wall Hook, Steel - Wall Shelves & Organizers

Centipede Modern Wall Organizer

This luxurious wall organizer is perfect for invitations, invoices, business cards, passport photos and love letters. The perfect combination of functionalism and design. Presented in a gift box,

Centipede has a maple body with 100 natural brushes which firmly hold documents in place. Centipede is covered with a layer of anodized aluminum. Easy mounting instructions included.


*Italian* - La Cupola Espresso Maker - Alessi Design

Alessi La Cupola Espresso Maker. For a strong coffee, please fill the filter with medium ground coffee and make a small cupola that slightly protrudes beyond the rim. Do not press down. For the best and strongest coffee, please heat at low heat for about 10 minutes, never allowing the coffee to boil. In Italy, they take their time as well. It's a morning ritual for every Italian. Never wash the Moka Alessi in the dishwasher or with detergents, just rinse it under tap water.

Braun BN0171 Watch Review

Braun BN0171 watch review. Lucia Fontana 08/04/2014 Reviews. Always wanted to have an all-black designer watch so I was finally happy to be given the opportunity to review this dream-come-true watch design by Braun.  We had a chance to review the new Braun BN0171 watch which is being rolled out in limited quantities for now through NOVA68.com. The BN0171 is perhaps the finest watch ever to be released by Braun with its attractive all-black casing and strap that are, for the first time in Braun's history, made of midnight black ceramic.  While we love the midnight black edition, a sleek stone grey version is also available.  Following the IF and Red dot awards of 2013, this unique watch was recognized once again – this time receiving four German Design Awards from a jury of leading international design experts in 2014. The Braun BN0171 is one of the larger watches from the collection, featuring a classic round 38mm face and for the first time a ceramic bracelet. Braun watches and clocks were awarded a total of four German Design Awards at the annual awards ceremony in Frankfurt on 7th February 2014. Available in black or stone grey, the watch has three hand quartz movement, a ceramic case and a yellow seconds ticker adding a touch of color to the simple face. We found the watch to be easy to wear and operate.  The watch has a reasonably slim case profile of 9.5mm compared to other Braun watches.  It also matched well with any style of outfit and could be worn comfortable during working hours or on weekends. More specifically, we like its price. The $599 watch you are looking at deliver as much if not more value than an all-black stainless steel rolex datejust and is definitely more attractive thanks to its refined German styling.

 The German Design Award which was given to these Braun watches is an international premium prize, which successfully enhances the standing of both designers and companies. Prizes are awarded to top quality products and projects from product and communication design, design personalities and newcomers, all of whom are —in their own way— pioneering in German and international design landscape. As an industry competition for the industry that highlights participants’ great design expertise, the German Design Award has an excellent public image. This is also down to the reputation of its organizer, the German Design Council, which has been representing and supporting the German design industry with its expertise in all questions relating to design for 60 years now. To win a German Design Award on the occasion of the anniversary of the German Design Council is especially significant – it stands for 60 years of design culture. Iconic German brand Braun returns with a collection of watches inspired by the classic designs of the original Braun design team. Now made under licence by British watch brand Zeon, the collection features a new range of products that pay homage to the work of industrial designers Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs, who together designed the famous AB series alarm clock. The Braun Watch Collection is available from NOVA68.


These hand-decorated little porcelain figures are very high quality porcelain and completely adorable. Can be combined with other Alessi Nativity items. This series of "Figure," figurines, purposeless objects or whatever you want to call them, are presented here for the first time. Their study has been going on since the 1990s but has been kept under lock and key until now. The goal is to compare the intriguing world of porcelain figures, particularly the refined production tradition of European manufacturers from the 18th century onwards, with our methods and with contemporary designers. Under the leadership of Laura Polinoro, this collection's top designers (the collection is destined to grow in several directions in the next few years) are Massimo Giacon and Miriam Mirri, two designers who have left their mark, along with a designer who is new to our catalogues: artist Marcello Jori.

Highly collectible, these nativity sets are released in limited quantities and are only available from October through December so make sure to order yours in advance.

Birillo Towel Stand by Alessi Stainless Steel

Design house NOVA68 presents the Alessi Birillo Towel Stand made in Italy. Featuring a stainless steel construction with a weighted base and a beautiful shelf, this free-standing towel rack is a perfect fit in both large- and smaller bathrooms. Designed to compliment the entire Birillo collection of bathroom accessories at NOVA68. Made and imported from Italy. Measures 37.25" H x 30" W. Free Shipping. This beautiful floor standing towel stand was created by star architect Piero Lissoni and is crafted from durable materials to please even the most discerning tastes. 

Modern Tempo Dish Drainer Rack by Alessi

Looking for a modern dish drying rack for your kichten? Don't miss out on this brand new product from NOVA68, sure to raise eyebrows and arouse questions when you have family and friends around. Stylish, neat, and you will be amazed how many dishes of all sizes it will hold. Neatly housing plates and all sorts of saucers and cup, this modern dish rack will really save you space in the kitchen. With a drip tray and detachable cutlery organizer, it holds up to 16 plates. Perhaps a tad expensive for a dish drainer, but worth it compared to whats out there at the moment.

...How to get Rid of Garlic or Onion Smell on Hands with "Savon Du Chef" by Alessi

Looking to get rid of those onion odors on you hands after cooking?  New from NOVA68, this stylish garlic-shaped object rubs away food odors without the need for soap! While many chefs love to cook up a good meal with freshly minced onions, garlic or fish, very few appreciate the lingering scent on their hands. It seems like no matter how many times you wash your hands, the odor lingers. Luckily, their is an answer: the stainless steel soap bar rubs away persisting smells. Rubbing the bar removes any odor from your hands; great for use after working with onions, fish, or garlic. Part of the new kitchen gift ideas collection - designed by Frederic Gooris; Savon Du Chef is a hand odor remover that is designed to be fully functional but highly decorative. Guaranteed to be loved by anyone who loves design and kitchen gadgets. A must have for any cook, Savon Du Chef is presented in a classy Alessi box suitable for gift giving. Discover a unique range of stylish kitchen gadgets with free shipping from NOVA68. 

Pet & Dog Food Storage Container - Red or Black

From NOVA68 comes the new Alessi Lula Pet & Dog Food Storage Container - Red or Black with a whimsical little dog that rests atop an airtight thermoplastic seal and dishwasher safe jar. Alessi Lula Jar, Pet Food Container - Alessi AMMI21 in Red or Black. The Lula Dog Jar keeps dog food from getting soft in a stylish way. The jar can be matched with the popular Lula Dog Bowl which is also available in our online store. Features a red or blac lid with "Lula" the dog handle. The lid is made from thermoplastic resin and the container is made from glass. Easily holds the 3 lbs of dog food with a bit of room for scoops. 

Author: Lucia Fontana

Complete Oil and Vinegar Cruets, 5-Piece Set

The Trattore oil set from NOVA68 includes a stainless steel structure, two Etruscan green 250ml glass bottles, two stainless steel pourers and two stoneware bowls with lids. Andrea Branzi's oil set holds up to four small taster bottles (two are included), with optional compartments for other condiments like mustard and capers. the base of the set and the oil bottles' pouring caps are 18/10 stainless steel, with two central stoneware containers and two glass bottles approved by the consortium for the protection of Chianti Classico olive oil in Italy. This stunning centerpiece makes an excellent gift for the oil connoisseur or simply those wanting to explore the health and gastronomic benefits of this marvelous condiment. These Italian stylish glass oil and vinegar bottles with attractive design and stainless steel pourers make a great gift. Comes packaged in a nice Alessi box suitable for gift giving.

Dimensions: 11.5"w x 10.25"h x 2.75"d.
Oil containers hold 21.5 oz
Ceramic containers hold 12.25 oz total

Alessi ECCO Centerpiece Bowl for Serving Fruits

ECCO by Alessi, new in the fruit bowl range by the Italian design house comes this artistic fruit server with wonderful cut-outs in the shapes of lemons, grapes, apples, pears, cherries...and the ever-popular banana. Ecco! is produced in stainless steel, cut and open-worked by laser, then bent. The sides have been perforated with a lively decoration of stylized, fruit-shaped silhouettes. 

*Price* 1969 Panton Chair Replica

Panton Chair Replica in Polypropylene by Vitra; an economically priced alternative compared to the Vitra Classic Panton Chair which sells for plenty more. View Price: only $310.00. Serial production of the Panton Chair commenced in 1967. It was hailed as a sensation and received numerous prizes. One of the earliest models is now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Today the Panton Chair is regarded as a classic of modern furniture design. The original version of the chair in rigid polyurethane foam with a glossy lacquer finish is marketed under the name Panton Chair Classic.Verner Panton was one of the most influential figures in the development of design during the 1960s and 1970s. Along with his experimental approach to forms and colours, he was captivated by the potential of plastic, a novel material at the time. His aim was to create a comfortable chair made in one piece that could be used anywhere. After searching for a manufacturer for several years, Panton came into contact with Vitra in 1963. Together they developed the Panton Chair, which was first presented in 1967. 


Modern Designer Necklaces: Alessi Fiato Sul Collo

Modern Designer Necklace for Her.  New in the designer jewelry collection at NOVA68 is this elegant modernist necklace titled "Alessi Fiato Sul Collo" in stainless steel. A creation that blends art and jewelry design and creates an vivid display of shadow and light reflection. This necklace is comprised of squares that are blended together, combining fluid, interlocking forms that create an interesting play of light and shadow. Crafted from stainless steel that is polished to a mirror finish, the necklace is presented in a signature Alessi gift box which makes it perfect for gift giving. Necklace fits all with open back design

Lion Poster Print by Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari's Lion Print. Due to its majestic appearance and the fact that it is at the top of the food chain, the lion has been called the King of Beasts for centuries. A generously sized modern poster and iconic piece of pop art design, Enzo Mari's Lion Poster is a whimsical nature-inspired big poster to hang on your wall. Part of Serie della Natura 'Sette, il Leone' has become a beloved icon.