Alessi Jumbo Modern Handbag Table Hanging Hook

Purse hook in 18/10 stainless steel. New bijou object: a new Purse hook by the Belgian designer from NOVA68. “Hey! Hey! Hey! The circus is coming to town! A buzz of excitement, thrill, and adventure fills the air. Children’s screams and laughter are all around. Young and old flock to the street to gaze in awe at the colourful clowns, the fire-eating man, the roaring lions, the sparkling trapeze acrobats, the mysterious magician and then… heavy stomping feet… there they are… the dancing elephants! The crowds cheer! Hey! Hey! Hey! The circus is in town! Drop everything…. and join their dance!” 

Limited "Anna G Corkscrew" by Alessi

Limited "Anna G Corkscrew" by Alessi. This limited edition features a mask in silk-screened brass. Available in white or red. A best seller since it was first produced in 1994, the Anna G. corkscrew is a tongue-in-cheek homage to a real woman. Her smiling face has become something of a cult figure over the years, giving birth (so to speak) to a rich family of objects for the table and kitchen in a wide range of materials. Available for pre-order right now. Limited quantities will be released through NOVA68 by late October 2014. 

Buy La Trama e l'Ordito from Alessi

This new Alessi basket has the stylistic approach Alessi is known for. This gorgeous fruitbasket calls to mind a modern interpretation of a natural knotted design, yet it is entirely made of concrete and mortar. New by Alessi, it is a definite collector's item. Available in blue or red. Alessi "La Trama e l'Ordito" Fruit Bowl by LPWK. Centerpiece in mortar Effix®, red or blue. Featuring a modern design that's both attractive and chic. 

Cargo Box by Alessi

Alessi Cargo. Though based in Switzerland and fully steeped in those aesthetics, Big Game also chose to reference Japan with the CARGO catchall inspired by traditional Japanese wooden carrying boxes. Alessi Cargo Box by Big Game. The Cargo Box tool and desk organizer was designed by Swiss design team "Big-Game" and is made by Alessi in Italy. The perfect fusion of function with form, Cargo by Alessi provides a stylish way to organize your desktop space. The handles are made with a light, smooth ash-wood anchored by stylish-colored plastic with three simple compartments. 

Yamagiwa Mayuhana Light

Discover the Yamagiwa Mayuhana lamp designed by master architect and Pritzker Laureate "Toyo Ito", and made in Japan. Toyo Ito is a Japanese architect known for creating conceptual architecture, in which he seeks to simultaneously express the physical and virtual worlds. Toyo Ito's Mayuhana is one of the most iconic modern ceiling lighting fixtures of the last decenia.  The lamp is popular in Japan and is finally available in the US through design retailer NOVA68.  The Yamagiwa Mayuhana Pendant series has a spun thread design which is reminiscent of a cocoon and gives off a soft light that is enhanced by the double and triple shelters of this delicate glass fiber creation. This unique fixture appears to hover around the bulb in a similar way to the Random Lamp from Moooi but instead enclosed the light bulb in three spheres (whereas the Random Light uses just one sphere). 

This series was created by reeling string around a mold the way thread is spun off a cocoon. The softness of the light is reminiscent of a traditional Japanese portable paper lantern called Bon-bori and is enhanced by the light coming through the double and triple shelters. It brings to mind the image of the light depicted in traditional Japanese architecture. Throughout his career, Toyo Ito has been able to produce a body of work that combines conceptual innovation with superbly executed styling; his latest lighting design titled "Mayuhana" is a continuation in his path for clever and trend-setting design that is both innovative and timeless. These modern lights are available in different editions including table lamps and pendant lights. Mayuhana is a conversation piece and decorative focal point in any room. 

Crystal Glass Teardrop Ball Lamp - Drop of Light - Tokujin Yoshioka

Fans of the 'Crystallized project' by Tokujin Yoshioka will love this little drop of light titled "Teardrop". One of the most influential creatives living in the world today, Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has transformed the way we experience the world around us. Designer Tokujin Yoshioka applies his unique touch to yet another product category, this time lighting, with the stunning new Tear Drop lamp for the Yamagiwa brand. Yoshioka has proven time and again that he can use a variety of materials in original ways. This time he tackles glass, with the resulting globe — not unlike a crystal ball that you could predict the future of design with — shaped as a beautiful, floating droplet of water frozen in space. 


Pipistrello Mini Table Lamp by Gae Aulenti

Pipistrello mini table lamp: designed by the multi-talented Italian designer Gae Aulenti in 1966 for Martinelli Luce, Italy. Unlike the full-size Pipistrello which has a telescopic stem, the Mini Pipistrello table lamp has a fixed height. Mini Pipistrello is outfitted with an energy efficient 9W LED bulb (included). The Mini Pipistrello is a simple, yet beautiful table or desk lamp and looks wonderful in the living room or when used as a bedside table light. This new Mini Pipistrello measure 13.78" in height and 10.63" in diameter (its proportions are exactly half compared to the original size of the full-size original Pipistrello). Mini Pipistrello is outfitted with an energy efficient 9W LED bulb (included). The Mini Pipistrello is a simple, yet beautiful table or desk lamp. A beautiful Italian design icon by the legendary Italian architect & designer Gae Aulenti. 

AM32 - Parrot, sommelier corkscrew - Alessi sommelier corkscrew

Sommelier-style corkscrew shaped and colored as a tropical parrot delights friends and family. This corkscrew will be the talk of the party! The corkscrew itself forms the shape of the parrot! Could you buy a Pulltaps–the corkscrew of choice for all waiters and sommeliers out there–for ten bucks? Sure. But would it look like this cheery guy? No. No it would not. Designed by Alessandro Mendini and Annalisa Margarini for Alessi, this parrot corkscrew comes in four different colors, fits in your pocket, and is darn cute. Plus: it is, technically a Pulltaps. So it's got that Teflon-coated screw (a.k.a. the worm), a two-step boot lever for extra leverage, and a serrated foil cutter. We have all been waiting for a new element of surprise on the corkscrew front. “Parrot”, the practical, pocket-sized sommelier corkscrew, has been designed to meet these expectations.

Modern Tree Ornaments: Mid-Century Modern 'Space Age' Tree Ornaments

Space shuttles and Apollo modules head to the stars and so do these Space Age ornaments. Our beautiful Mid-Century Modern 'Space Age' Tree Ornaments are simply irresistible and reflect the space-age optimism of the 1950s. This set of 4 uniquely modern tree ornaments recall the 1950s space exploration period. This set includes the following ornaments: Super Apollo Rocket (1), Space Patrol Rover with Robot (1), UFO Moon Traveler Saucer (1) and Mars Express Space Traveler (1). All ornaments are highly detailed and are made in beautiful colors. Intricately detailed for plenty of personality, each tree ornament is truly one of a kind. Our beautiful ornaments are expertly crafted from mouth-blown glass, then hand painted and given a glittery finish. This out of this world tree ornament set will be expertly packaged to ensure safe (intergalactic) travels. This Space Age Ornament will not only be the most beautiful and unique on your tree this season, it also makes for a great gift. Price is for the set of 4 (four) ornaments as pictured.  Looking for more Holiday Decor Ideas?  Check NOVA68 and receive Free Shipping on any item, no minimum required!

Memphis Tahiti Lamp by Ettore Sottsass

The Tahiti Lamp was designed by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass for Memphis Milano and is one of the icons of the 1980s Memphis Design Movement. 


A "Tahiti" Lamp by Ettore Sottsass for Memphis.
In the form of a bird.
Wood , laminate, metal.
Plate "Memphis Milano Ettore Sottsass 1981"
Designed in 1981

Giles de Bure – Ettore Sottsass, Jr, Rivages 1987 p66.
Charlotte and Peter Fiell- 1000 lights 1960 to present. Taschen. P95
Lit; Richard Horn “Memphis” Gaade p 39 

Artemide Fato Lamp - Fato Table Lamp by Gio Ponti - Artemide Lighting

Gio Ponti was one of the most important Italian architects, industrial designers, furniture designers, artists, and publishers of the twentieth century. The Fato Lamp was designed by Gio Ponti for Artemide in 1966. Originally released by Artemide in 1966 and again re-edited in 2000 for a limited time. This collectible 'Fato' lamp is from the later Artemide production from 2000 and is no longer in production. With its geometrical surfaces, this minimalist square metal framed table lamp creates an appealing play of light and shadow. Gio Ponti's Fato table light can also be used as a showcase for small objects. Fato is a timeless light sculpture and a classic icon of mid-century modern Italian design. The lamps are in mint condition and appear to have been never used with original bright-white lacquer. The Fato Lamp accommodates 2 x E14 MAX 40W incandescent light bulbs. Light bulb included.

Gio Ponti Fato Lamp.  One of the great all-rounders was Italian architect, designer artist and publicist Gio Ponti (1891 to 1979). For Ponti, architecture, interiors and utility items were directly connected with one another, and yet, when combining them, he avoided dogmatism of all kinds. His work fluctuated between Classicism and Modernism, between craftsmanship and industrial production. Sometimes it was a simple and practical, sometimes decorative. Accordingly, Ponti's work is not uncontroversial and yet his individual pluralism is considered a forerunner of the Post-modern. As an enthusiastic mediator between architecture and design ("Amate l'architettura!"), in 1928 he established the magazine "Domus" whose editor-in-chief he remained almost without interruption until his death in 1979. Ponti's most famous building is the Pirelli Tower in Milan, which he realized together with Pier Luigi Nervi. This elegant skyscraper was erected on a long, hexagonal floor plan because for Ponti the diamond-shaped hexagon was the perfect geometric figure.Ponti's ultra-light chair "Superleggera" (dating from 1955/1957) and weighing only just under 1.7 kg is considered a legend of design classics. At the time, the manufacturer Cassina ran an advertising campaign claiming that if thrown out of the window onto the street it would land unscathed and even bounce back. Ponti had designed graceful chairs even earlier than this, for example "Livia" (dating from 1937), which, alongside other historical Ponti chairs, is still being produced by l'abbate today. The search for lightness and elegance is a recurring theme in Ponti's work. His later work is dominated by surfaces which he continued to dissolve - almost to the point of dematerialization. For example, in the open facade of the Concattedrale of Tarento (1970) or in his luminaire "Fato" for Artemide. 

The Artemide Lighting Fato Light is a sculptural table lamp. Designed by Italian designer Gio Ponti, the Fato has geometrical metal screens creating light and dark, screened and clear, all enclosed in a square frame: it is both a light object and a minimalist sculpture. The Artemide Fato is a lighting sculpture with a strong styling connotation to the Italian modernist movement of the middle of the 20th century having been originally designed in 1966 by Gio Ponti. Structure in white enameled, folded and welded plate.

Japanese Railway Clock by Riki Watanabe - Modern Wall Clock

Riki Watanabe Tokyo Station Japanese Railway Clock. A great clock for the home, business or home office with its easy to ready uber-functional design features. The simply gorgeous Riki Railway Clock was designed by the luminary Japanese designer Riki Watanabe for Lemnos in Japan and has become an icon of Japanese design. The Japanese railway clock was designed in 1972 by Riki Watanabe, a Japanese industrial design engineer, together with Lemnos a clock manufacturer, for use by the Japanese Railways at the Hibiya station. Riki Watanabe applied his minimalist design simplicity to create this beautiful easy-to-read wall clock. The clock has been lauded by the Design Museum in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York as an example of outstanding 20th-Century design. The natural and simple design of the Riki Wall Clock by Riki Watanabe complements any space with its understated yet timeless elegance.  Receive Free Shipping from NOVA68.  Check our large selection of Modern Wall Clocks.