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Edison-Filament Style Light Bulb 'Monument For A Bulb' from Ingo Maurer Lighting

modern design and lighting retailer stardust introduces ingo maurer's monument for a bulb lamp; a mesmerizing tribute to the classic edison filament light bulb of yesteryear.  monument for a bulb features eight human figures standing on a dark metal plate. monument for a bulb features the frosted halogen bulb which hovers horizontally, propped up by simple brass. each of maurer's monument for a bulb features 8 human figures which are cast in nickel silver and fixed on the plate, creating a playful sculptural composition. monument for a bulb is an intriguing small lighting object that looks like a tiny maquette for a huge monument. the sculptural lighting fixture is part of the i ricchi povery collection by ingo maurer, so well known for its whimsical designs. the design is of a table lamp that is larger than life, dwarfing humans who appear as little white models gazing up at it.