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Magis Puppy XL

Designed to Make a Statement
In the world of contemporary design, where functionality meets artistry, Eero Aarnio's Puppy by Magis stands as a vibrant testament to creativity and innovation. This delightful sculpture blurs the lines between art and furniture, capturing the essence of playful modern design.

 Designed by the renowned Finnish artist Eero Aarnio for Magis in Italy, the Eero Aarnio Puppy is an abstract dog sculpture that exudes charm and character. Its captivating design challenges traditional norms, inviting viewers to ponder its purpose. Is it a sculpture, a stool, or perhaps something more? The ambiguity is part of its allure, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into various settings and interpretations.

I explicitly wanted to feature this Puppy in XL. This oversized puppy truly stands out in your garden, driveway, or the center of your living room. Its grandeur and playful charm make it a conversation starter, inviting admiration from everyone who encounters it.

While this whimsical sculpture invites interaction, it's essential to note that the Eero Aarnio Puppy is not intended as a climbing toy for children. Safety is paramount, and adult supervision is advised to prevent any accidents during play.


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