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Naef Bauhaus Cradle

Peter Keler, 1922 

One hundred years after the founding of the Bauhaus in Weimar, another Bauhaus replica now enriches the Naef product range: a miniature version of Peter Keler's cradle. This collector's item is a replica of the historic cradle designed by Peter Keler in 1922 during his apprenticeship at the Bauhaus. The small cradle is congruent to the original in color, shape and proportions at a of scale lil, and to a large extent, is carefully hand crafted. The original cradle of that time can be seen in the Bauhaus Museum Weimar, when it isn't on tour with their worldwide exhibitions. Since the mid-1970s, the cradle has been produced by Tecta as an, Original Bauhaus model". The first coloured design drawing is in the Tecta Kragstuhl Museum. The cradle was designed by Peter Keler for the bedroom furnishings in the show home „Am Horn". The desig is rigid, the look colorful. The basic geometrical shapes of the rectangle, triangle and circle define the design and the color choice reveals the influence of the former teachers at the Bauhaus. According to the color theory of Wassily Kandinsky and Johannes Itten, the primary colors red, yellow and blue correspond to the elementary geometric forms rectangle, triangle and circle respectively. The strict geometric design is broke by two woven rattan surfaces on either side of the bed. These are not decorative elements, but allow for air circulation within the cradle. 

This reduced form and color language in the service of function was likely provocative at the time. Today, the cradle is a symbol of Bauhaus design.
Size : 5.18" x 5.51"
Weight: 12 oz. 
Available at nova68.com