a balanced yet modern approach to the classic cognac balloon and brandy glass sets; this unique gift set is a must for connoisseurs of fine spirits & brandy. use them after-hours for blind tastings of rémy martin, hennessy, courvoisier and on very special occasions for your $5K cognac delamain bottle with baccarat decanter. our classic yet modern stemless cognac 2-glass set is stylish curved into a round shape and is made of completely transparent and lead-free crystal, which compliments the natural luster of cognac. 

refreshingly devoid of an all-too common base; these stemless cognac glasses provide the perfect handhold to look, smell and swirl fine spirits of all kinds but especially cognac. it is a remarkable glass that is constructed with consideration to cognac's aroma, temperature and volume. designed and imported from denmark, our cognac glass set provides a stylish yet practical way to enjoy your finest bottle of spirits; alone or in company. perhaps our finest glass yet, the cognac stemless glass features a special diamond-like raised center feet that gently swirls cognac at the slightest touch. our cognac glasses are dishwasher safe but we recommend to wash them by hand to keep their luster. price is for a set of 2 (two) presented in a stylish white cardboard box suitable for gift giving. these cognac glasses are a popular and stylish gift idea for any occasion. 

Nursery Light Night Light - Alessilux Ufo

the alessilux ufo nursery baby night lights shines bright in any nursery decor.  5.50" high. alessi ufo light. alessi: rechargeable modern ufo nursery night light. the alessilux ufo nursery baby lamp is one of the most beautiful & practical lights for nurseries ever created. alessi's ufo is a whimsical yet functional little night-light that can be used for late night jaunts to the bathroom and ensures a good night sleep with its gently glowing light. the ufo light has a built-in battery which is rechargeable, so you can carry the light anywhere you want. a touch dimmer gives you complete lighting control. 4-hour battery life at full light output; 100 hour battery life when dimmed. this perfect little lamp provides a finishing touch to any nursery decor while adding just the right amount of illumination. made for little ones but also for adults; this fun night light creates a magical bedtime environment for young & old. this exquisite night light has become an instant classic with its distinctive and modern features. very simple, but super stylish and genius.

alessi's UFO is a great example of italian modern design. this beautiful bedroom light will be a perfect fit in any interior style. elegant night lighting, perfect for use as a bedside table lamp or even as a living room accent table lamp. established in 1921, alessi is famous for its high standards in design. built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery. comparable to a 30 watt incandescent bulb. from alessi's design lux lighting. includes power supply. indoor use only.  led average led life of 25,000 hours. led color temperature of 2700k. light output of 250 lumens. metal and glass construction. rechargeable and portable. touch dimmer. ufo is a table lamp designed by frederic gooris for alessilux. "hold up a burning bulb and walk freely into the night, illuminating your every step... it seems impossible, and yet the idea is mesmerizing. now that the light bulb is cordless, what better way than to tell this story through the poetry of a ufo?" dimmable with touch. rechargeable battery. power supply included. battery performance 100 hours. led 4w. approximate size: h. 5.5" x d. 4.25"

Duckling by Hans Bølling - Hans Bolling ænder

Duckling by Hans Bølling - Hans Bolling ænder.  in 1959 during a busy day in frederiksberg, denmark, a policeman stopped the traffic in order to allow a young family of ducks to cross the road. inspired by the photographs in the newspapers, architect hans bolling designed the duck and duckling. made from teak the duck and duckling have become iconic danish designs. this is not a toy. for decoration only. who can resist these adorable duck and duckling?

hans bolling's small yet adorable wooden duckling provides a unique mid-century modern danish accent on the table or mantel. this adorable wooden duckling, a creation by danish designer hans bolling, is cute as a button and is the perfect present for young and old! this classic danish duckling design figure comes packed in a beautiful gift box. can be combined with the larger mama duck (sold separately).

believe it or not but the world famous bolling duck and duckling was designed in 1959. that's half a century ago for all you fellow duck lovers! hans bolling's wooden duck is made in denmark from teak and limbawood. the bolling monkey is a genuine piece of modern danish design made with superior craftsmanship.

Duck by Hans Bolling - Wooden Hans Bolling Duck

Hans Bolling: Wooden Duck. Hand-Crafted HANS BOLLING DUCK made in Denmark from Teak Wood.  Special: $148.00 instead of $180.00.  Hans Bolling's wooden figure duck. This adorable wooden duck is cute as a button and is the perfect present for young and old! This classic Danish duck design figure comes packed in a beautiful gift box. Can be combined with the smaller Ducklings (sold separately).  Believe it or not but the world famous Bolling Duck was designed in 1959. That's half a century ago for all you fellow duck lovers! Hans Bolling's wooden Duck is made in Denmark from teak and limbawood. The Bolling Monkey is a genuine piece of modern Danish design made with superior craftsmanship.  In 1959 during a busy day in Frederiksberg, Denmark, a policeman stopped the traffic in order to allow a young family of ducks to cross the road. Inspired by the photographs in the newspapers, architect Hans Bolling designed the duck and duckling. Made from teak the duck and duckling have become iconic Danish designs. This is not a toy. For decoration only. Who can resist these adorable Duck and Duckling?


Like Robots? Love Ninjas? But too old for Ninja Turtles? Get ready for an upgrade with the Ninjabot Robot who was trained by their anthropomorphic rat sensei in the art of ninjutsu; ready to defend your desk-top liberties.  We will batter your desktop clutter and fight the impossible fight; never backing up; always ready to go.


extra large 23"h wooden cubebot poseable robot figure from nova68. cubebot robot poseable action toy in beech wood.  special: $249.99 instead of $280.00 while supplies last.  extra large cubebod robot. watch out you incredible shrinking man; or is it that the cubebot xl-sized robot just became bigger? standing at 23 inches tall; the areaware extra large cubebot toy looks like it was made on the day the earth stood still. like a robot creature from the forbidden planet, our huge robot toy is ready to control your world! need your robot in an active pose? poseable cubebot robots make it possible! flexible extra large cubebot toy robot allows to be arranged in various poses. display action robot toy can be flexible and poseable to suit your needs. this modern jointed cubebot adjustable robot can attain nearly any position you like. unlike most flexible robots, this ones has special elastic-jointed arms, legs and head, allowing positions like hand-stand, and arms perpendicular to its body. these extra large cubebots are perfect for unique active poses like mowing the lawn, sitting in the passengers seat while driving on the hov lane (not recommended) and in the back seat while horseback riding on a white sand beach, helping to lift weights, or wrapping an arm around you when you feel lonely. he is a better listener than most shrinks and never talks back either.

more large cubebod images below from nova68

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Cubebots – puzzling playful robots and all-in-one adventurers. Like everyone else, we come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We can be a he, a she, whatever you want us to be. Want a challenge? Try to fold us into a perfect cube. Forgive us for bragging, but not only are we smartly designed but were made of a renewable resource – sustainably harvested hardwood. Try saying that three times. Its our pleasure to make your acquaintance. Robot toys are usually made of plastic and require batteries - but not this one! Inspired by the Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, the Cubebot is a non-traditional take on the toy robot by joining ancient Japanese traditions with contemporary toy culture. Cubebots's powerful hardwood frame can hold many poses, and his elastic-band muscles and durable wood limbs make him impervious to breakage. When it's time for him to rest, he folds into a perfect cube. An enduring classic that will withstand generations of play. Recommended for ages 3+. 


rainbow small cubebot toy robot. poseable break-dancing or kneeling action robot play toy in colored wood.  love to chase after rainbows? think robots are cool? you'll find a match in our rainbow small cubebot toy robot. display breakdance action style, kneeling or standing on his head - cubebot small robot toy can be flexible and poseable to suit your needs; just don't ask him to do the dishes. this modern jointed cubebot adjustable robot can attain nearly any position you like. unlike most flexible robots, this ones has special elastic-jointed arms, legs and head, allowing positions like hand-stand, and arms perpendicular to its body. these cubebots are perfect for unique active poses like horseback riding, arm wrestling, weightlifting, or wrapping an arm around your finger...or pen on your office desk. flexible small cubebot toy robot allows to be arranged in various poses.

Poseable Desk Toy Robot

wood cubebot medium poseable robot figure. natural - not artificial intelligence robot poseable action toy in beech wood.  love robots? want a robot that takes your orders? need your robot in an active pose? poseable robots make it possible! flexible cubebot toy robot allows to be arranged in various poses. display action robot toy can be flexible and poseable to suit your needs. this modern jointed cubebot adjustable robot can attain nearly any position you like. unlike most flexible robots, this ones has special elastic-jointed arms, legs and head, allowing positions like hand-stand, and arms perpendicular to its body. these cubebots are perfect for unique active poses like horseback riding, weightlifting, or wrapping an arm around your pen on your office desk.


chihuahua pillow: pretty in pink chihuahua. chihuahua throw pillow cushion in screenprinted organic cotton.  our pretty in pink chihuahua throw pillow or seat cushions is simply irresistible! the fun chihuahua pillow really brightens up any sofa or bed with its lovely details and adorable looks! it's an adorable little cushion, or sofa pillow, whether you want to lay down on it or use it as a piece of decoration. our pink chihuahua cushion is made with 100% organic cotton and polyester filling. it measures 13 x 9 x 3.5 inches. the pretty in pink modern chihuahua dog pillow makes a great gift too!

Modern Christmas Tabletop Green Christmas Tree in Gift Packaging

petite tabletop christmas tree in gift packaging. wooden trees in green, natural or black & white. price is for 1 (one) tree.  special: $34.99 instead of $40.00.  petite tabletop green christmas tree in gift packaging. celebrate the holidays in modern style this year with our petite tabletop collection of sculptural christmas trees. our modern holidays trees are fashioned with environmentally friendly new growth beech wood by master artisans. they are set on small wooden bases and have an attractive design. the inventive "infinite tree" features a design that allows for plenty of creativity and develops a new way of manipulating the tree's branches to achieve the look you want. a bit of creative enjoyment results in a beautiful yet maintenance-free christmas (green) tree. when the holidays are over, the trees can be stored flat-packed in their original box until the next holiday season. our beautiful collection of petite tabletop green christmas tree in gift packaging create the perfect holiday atmosphere. these trees are highly decorative whether adorning a dining room table or when displayed on a mantel.


Volkswagen Bus Samba Camper Van Ornament - Set of 3. NOVA68 exclusive Classic Hand-Crafted Christmas Ornament in Blown Glass with Hand Decorations.  Price includes 3 (three) VW Samba Bus Ornaments. Keep one for yourself or give them as gifts to family & friends. They make the BEST Christmas Gift ever; everyone loves these!  Get ready for the wide open road with the NOVA68 Volkswagen Bus Samba Camper Van Ornament. Our classic VW Bus Christmas Tree Ornament evokes the iconic style of the 1958-67 Samba Camper Van, aka the Volkswagen Bus / Volkswagen Camper / Volkswagen Delivery Van. This popular VW Van Christmas Ornament is hand-crafted by master glass artisans from blown glass and features unique hand-decorated accents. Each VW Bus ornament is made according to age-old traditional glass blowing techniques that originated in the 1800's. Each ornament is hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful color variations as shown. Our classic VW Samba Bus makes a great gift idea!

Newborn 3-Piece Porcelain Table Setting Gift Set

Kay Bojesen: Infant Plate and Bowl Porcelain Gift Set. Made in Denmark.  Special: $89.99 instead of $125.00.  NOVA68 EXCLUSIVE - 3-piece newborn gift set; the Kay Bojesen porcelain Infant Plate and Bowl set makes a stylish gift idea and allows children to eat in a fun way. Presented in a gift box; the set of 3 comprises 1 dinner plate, 1 soup bowl and 1 cup that together form a classic yet whimsical heirloom quality table setting that can be appreciated by both children and their parents.  Kay Bojesen was a leading Scandinavian functionalist and his architecture and designs are known for their simple, architectonic style. Play with your favourite foods – give a gift that makes any meal a celebration. The Monkey, the Elephant, the Bear, the Rabbit, the Guardsman, the Dachshund and the Hippo, Kay Bojesen's popular friends, invite you to a food circus on this colourful children's porcelain tableware that comprises a plate, bowl and cup. A gift idea that fires the imagination and makes the vegetables go down a treat.  Material: Porcelain.  Dimensions: 11 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches.   From


Kay Bojesen: Natural Wooden Alphabet Blocks. Rosendahl, Denmark.  Special: $98.00 instead of $125.00.  NOVA68 EXCLUSIVE - 67-piece ABC alphabet blocks; the Kay Bojesen wooden ABC natural beechwood play blocks help children to spell words in a fun way. The set of blocks comprises 33 straight and 33 contoured wooden blocks that together form a simple yet intuitive system of letters. The simple geometric shapes of the letters resemble children’s writing and comprise the building blocks for hours of educational fun. 

The Kay Bojesen blocks are the perfect newborn gift or birthday gift, but also appeal to adult design lovers with their unmistakable references to the Bauhaus typologies. This classic Danish ABC Wooden Alphabet Block set comes packaged in a beautiful wooden gift box. Set includes 66 wooden blocks + 1 wooden case = 67 piece total.  Kay Bojesen was a leading Scandinavian functionalist and his architecture and designs are known for their simple, architectonic style.


mise-en-bouteilles wine cork display box. copper & glass display case for your favorite wine bottle corks.  special: $69.99 instead of $80.00.  mise-en-bouteilles copper & glass wine cork display box. present the corks from your favorite wine bottle with our classic wine bottle cork display box. our stylish and practical cork storage display boxes are fashioned from hand-crafted copper and feature crystal clear window panes. these distinguished wine display boxes are expertly crafted by master craftsmen. special attention is given to the details. each wine cork display box is constructed with a small finger lid which allows the top to be opened which adds to its special appeal. this classic cork display box attractively highlight about 50 of your most precious corks. our wonderful and high quality wooden storage display boxes are characterized this wine cork display stands out by its simple minimalist design style and functionality. price is for 1 (one) display box.


The cute-as-a-button BMW 600 was a four-seat, we repeat, four-seat microcar produced by BMW from mid-1957 until November 1959.  It was the perfect little car; except perhaps for well-endowed passengers.  Partially based on the BMW Isetta two-seater, it was BMW's first postwar four seat economy car.  Public response to the little BMW 600 was gratifying to BMW, but as its shortcomings were also pointed out at this time ("too small"), it was decided to go "up a class" and produce a larger car with room for four. Management by May 1956 had already committed to the introduction of the BMW 700, a totally new design, by 1959, so the 600 was seen as an easily produced interim model using already existing Isetta production equipment. 

The 1956 prototype did indeed look like a stretched Isetta, with its stock 2-tone front door and Isetta bumpers, but with the wheelbase lengthened by 165cm and R67 boxer motor driving full-width axles.  August 1957 saw the proper introduction of the model, to universal acclaim. Stylish looks (Michelotti had been involved) with its new "knife edge" bumpers, fantastic room inside with rear seat access by a side door, and the motor no longer sat in the passenger compartment. It was quiet, its wheel at each corner design gave a great ride, and there was sufficient power for hill-climbing. It was even available with a Saxomat automatic transmission. It was pricey, however, at 200 Marks more than a VW Beetle. Plans for multi-tasking the car a la Multipla remained in the drawer.

Despite all its virtues, excellent build quality, space utilization, and ride quality, there was no denying that by 1959 the population wanted a normal-looking "real" car, and in particular the new in-house BMW 700, which was to eventually sell to the tune of 182,000 examples.  At the end of 1959, after only 35,000 examples had been built, the 600 was phased out in favour of the 700.

The original Isetta, despite a 1959 company memo declaring that "it belonged in a museum", would continue to be built for another three years, and in England five.

Link of Interest: Microcar Museum


Red Wine Glass Votive Candle Holder. NOVA68 Hand Blown Clear Wine Glass with Candle Votive Holder. Price is for 1 (one) wine glass as pictured.  Special: $29.99 instead of $36.95.  Looking for a unique wine gift idea or inspiration for unique gift ideas? Need Red Wine Glasses? Our amazing 'Red Wine Glass Votive Holder' is hand-crafted from real glass exactly like any standard red-wine glass but features imitation red-wine & a small holder for candle votives. The look-a-like red wine is completely sealed inside the glass, each crafted with specially shaped glass that enhances the beauty of the imitation red wine that is enclosed. Display year round for a unique and highly decorative accent on the table or anywhere. Designed specifically to enhance the table setting while displaying the warm tone of red wines; these classic red wine votive glasses look elegant and decorative. Each elegantly shaped wine glass votive holder is handcrafted by highly skilled glass artisans. Everyday display piece with a classic red wine glass profile, beautifully crafted from top to bottom. Makes a great gift for anyone! Boxed as shows; makes a stylish gift idea.


Modern OWL Tree Ornament Collection by NOVA68. Special: $49.99 instead of $60.00. Ornaments range is size between 3 and 6 inches diameter. Please allow 1 week for ornaments to arrive since they are made-to-order for us at a small glass workshop. Price includes complimentary shipping within the US with USPS Priority Mail. We do ship international for a nominal fee. Price is for 3 ornaments: receive 1 of each style as pictured. Rare handcrafted, hand decorated, sparkle and glass Owl Ball Ornaments with wonderful earth-tone colors and unique gold plated accents inspired by Japanese holiday decorations from the 1950s. This stylish and fun Owl Christmas Ornaments are a hoot! The set of 3 in various sizes and colors nicely compliment one another. Purchase a single set of 3 owls or use them in multiples for a spectacular display on any Christmas Tree. Retro Japanese Style Owl Ball Ornaments.


sock monkey tree fabric ornaments created by nova68. complete set of 2 ornaments - 1 of each style. sock monkeys are handmade with cotton in classic brown and beige color tones. each ornaments is hand crafted and features unique details with artsy charm. they are ready to decorate your tree and hang from matching red fabric cord loops. unique and highly decorative; hang the festive sock monkeys from christmas tree, wall or mantel. each sock monkey measures about 8 inches in height. makes a cheerful and stylish display on any tree. looking for our classic sock monkey tree fabric ornaments? love to dress up your tree with these modern yet classy sock monkey-theme ornaments? these stuffed animals are a mixture of folk art and crafts in the cultural history of the usa since the 1940s and 1950s. inspired by traditonal sock monkeys from yesteryear; we fashioned these ornaments to have a cute-as-a-button elegance. at first sight; they look light regular sock-monkeys but they are actually made to hang from your christmas tree! designed and crafted by hand, each ornament is fashioned from natural fabric and sports a scarf and hat for a stylish and festive holiday look. price is for a set of 2 (two) ornaments! sock monkeys make great holiday gift ideas too!


kitchen holiday gifts

looking for a unique holiday kitchen gift idea? love a pots and pans set? discover the perfect kitchen gift for home cooks an chefs during the holiday season! our finely crafted 'pots and pans' tree ornaments are simply irresistible. a handsome addition to any christmas trees, soup pot, frying pan, stock pot and sauce pan comprise our delicious kitchen menagerie. they may look like metal but they are actually crafted from glass! realistically detailed, the pots and pans feature copper plated glass accents that look stunning - their beautiful color is bright against winter greens and displays lovely on any christmas tree. these heirloom quality glass tree ornaments are sure to be enjoyed for many years to come. price is for the complete set of four pieces: one of each style. a great gift for anyone that loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen!



for a stylish and natural christmas decor idea; discover nova68's classic christmas manger crafted from beach-found driftwood.  a wonderful modern wood nativity manger in our christmas and holiday decoration ideas collection.  special: $89.99 instead of $120.00.  this beautiful modern wooden manger is absolutely stunning and will certainly become the center of your holidays. meticulously crafted from natural driftwood by master wood artisans; each nativity manger is completely unique. reclaimed driftwood pieces are applied by hand to create a rich and warm appearance. spare and simple, our re-creation of an age-old story is transformed into a work of art with a natural yet modern edge. irregular pieces of real driftwood, as found along the beaches, are selected to create a wonderful nativity scene, that has the appeal of an organic and natural object. and just like driftwood, each wooden manger nativity set is unique. each manger comes complete with the driftwood figures as pictured.


"Psshhh...look who's coming down the's Santa!" - Retro Holiday Decorations Galore: Santa's Coming Down the Chimney. Vintage 1950s Style Retro Holiday Decoration in Paper, Fabric and Tinsel. NOVA68 Retro Holiday Decor.  Special: $49.99 instead of $68.00.  Deck the holiday's with NOVA68's vintage christmas decorations and trees! Fans of vintage holiday decorations will love our popular holiday classic; the Retro/Vintage Christmas mantle piece titled "Santa's Coming Down the Chimney". Crafted exactly like the ones that were made during the 1940s and 1950s; each Santa is crafted from paper, fabric, wire and tinsel according to the exact specifications of the retro Christmas original! Santa's Coming Down the Chimney is a highly detailed and beautifully made table or mantel top decoration that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Intricately detailed for plenty of personality, each Santa is truly one of a kind. Our beautiful holiday decorations will be expertly packaged to ensure safe travels through your chimney. This retro Santa decor will not only be the most beautiful and unique in your holiday decor this season, it also makes for a great gift. Price is for 1 (one) set exactly as pictured.

nova68 retro christmas ornaments

decorate your tree this holiday with the nova68 retro 1950s christmas decor as the famous space-age glass ornaments, retro christmas displays and classic modern ornaments. our retro-style 1950s christmas ornaments are back! are you ready to conquer space with retro modern ornaments for christmas trees? ready-set-go with our 4-piece retro modern space christmas tree ornaments including the apollo mission rocket, flying moon saucer, mars express people mover and space patrol rover; the robot that keeps some order in space! 

Modern Black & White Wall Clock

nova68 modern picto wall clock in classic black and white. the modern contemporary picto design clock was designed by danish designers georg christensen and erling andersen. inspired by the picto watch created in 1984 by steen georg christensen & erling andersen, the picto wall clock brings the same simple, minimalist style to your wall. picto, meaning "picture", features the same rotating face as the watch and uses a quartz movement. hours are marked with a simple dot while the minutes are counted by a traditional moving hand. the clock is glassless, leaving the face open and the design unmarred by light reflections. with strong, contrasting color combinations, the picto wall clock creates a distinct picture of time with each movement.

when steen georg christensen and erling andersen designed the picto clock in 1984, they especially wanted to continue developing the conventional clocks design and they therefore concentrated on the form and the function. the designer duo furthermore wanted to create an “image” of the time. they were successful transforming the rosendahl picto into a modern classic. the graphic expression of picto is modern and minimalistic, which is why it is more contemporaneous than ever. more advantages of the clock are in the revolutionary, rotating dial, which makes picto remarkably different, even 30 years after it has been launched. the rosendahl timepieces picto wall clock’s dial rotates contrasting all the common clocks with ticking pointers – picto leans on the imagination of a rotating world and the time passing simultaneously. the hours pointer is a fixed element at one place of the dial, together with the “normal” minutes pointer they are the only elements of the clock. less is often more. the rosendahl timepieces picto wall clock is unique as a designer’s piece. they were for example completely designed without the common glass protection – a surprising and fresh effect, which emphasizes the rotating dial in front of a wall and which makes people stop and want to touch it in order to feel the time passing. the glass-less design moreover directs the attention to the contrasting colors of the hours and minutes pointer. 

EAMES Eames Lounge Chair

EAMES Eames Lounge Chair
EAMES Eames Lounge Chair

eames lounge with ottoman - herman miller

icon of modern chair design: eames modern lounge chair & ottoman; a modern furniture design classic by charles and ray eames in 1956 by design duo charles + ray eames.  'why don't we make an updated version of the old english club chair?'- with this comment, charles and ray eames initiated the development of the eames lounge chair & ottoman, a process that took several years. the aim was to satisfy the desire for an amply proportioned chair that combined ultimate comfort with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. with the classic modern design of this armchair in 1956, designers charles and ray eames set new standards: it is not only lighter, more elegant and more modern than the conventionally ponderous club chair – it is also more comfortable. with these qualities, the lounge chair became one of the most famous designs of charles and ray eames and has attained the status of a classic in the history of modern furniture. the lounge chair is now available from vitra in two sizes: with classic dimensions and with new larger dimensions. furthermore, the various combinations of leather upholstery covers, wooden shells and bases are now joined by a white edition and a black edition of the lounge chair with corresponding details.

EAMES Eames Lounge Chair
EAMES Eames Lounge Chair

EAMES Eames Lounge Chair
EAMES Eames Lounge Chair

EAMES Eames Lounge Chair
EAMES Eames Lounge Chair

EAMES Eames Lounge Chair

EAMES Eames Lounge Chair

charles and ray eames

tribute to a classic design chair: the eames office designed the ibm pavilion for the 1964-65 world's fair in new york, and the year 1969 offered the opportunity to participate in the exhibition 'qu'est-ce que le design?' at the musée des arts décoratifs in paris. in 1970-71, charles was appointed as the charles eliot norton professor of poetry at harvard university. moma again presented an exhibition of the eameses' work, entitled 'furniture by charles eames', in 1973. charles eames died in st. louis in 1978; ray's death followed in 1988. ray eames was born as bernice alexandra kaiser in sacramento, california, in 1912. she attended bennett college in millbrook, new york, and continued her studies in painting under hans hofmann through 1937. during this year she exhibited her work in the first exhibition of the american abstract artists group at the riverside museum in new york. she matriculated at the cranbrook academy of art in 1940 and married charles eames the following year. from 1941 to 1943, charles and ray eames designed and developed stretchers and leg splints made of moulded plywood, and in 1946 they exhibited their experimental moulded plywood furniture at the new york museum of modern art. the herman miller company in zeeland, michigan, subsequently began to produce the eameses' furniture designs. charles and ray participated in the 1948 'low-cost furniture' competition at moma, and they built the eames house in 1949 as their own private residence. around 1955 they began to focus more on their extensive work as photographers and filmmakers, and in 1964 charles received an honorary doctoral degree from the pratt institute in new york. charles eames, born 1907 in st. louis, missouri, studied architecture at washington university in st. louis and opened his own office together with charles m. gray in 1930. in 1935 he founded another architectural firm with robert t. walsh. after receiving a fellowship in 1938 from the cranbrook academy of art, he moved to michigan and joined the faculty the following year. in 1940, he and eero saarinen won first prize for their joint entry in the competition 'organic design in home furnishings' organised by the new york museum of modern art. during the same year, eames became head of the department of industrial design at cranbrook, and in 1941 he married ray kaiser. charles and ray eames have had a profound and lasting influence on vitra. the company's activity as a furniture manufacturer began in 1957 with the production of their designs. yet it is not just the products of charles and ray eames that have left their mark on vitra. even today, their design philosophy continues to profoundly shape the company's values, orientation and goals.

no mid-century modern office desk is complete without a world globe!
 and this is our favorite transparent world globe by far:

combine with these 1950s style wall hooks

set of 4 stylish modern metal mid-century styled iron coat hooks made for coats. high quality durable & rustic stylish coat & hat wall hooks created to last! the gumball colored glazed porcelain-like look of the hooks and quality iron construction with a distressed metal finish make this an excellent set of wall hooks in any room. place our hooks in your entry or bathroom or wherever you need to hang your items.. they make a beautiful display!

wall hooks from nova68