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Christmas White 5-Piece Porcelain Animal Tree Ornaments - Ornaments

looking for our christmas white porcelain animal tree ornaments. create a very festive and unique porcelain styled christmas tree with our handcrafted porcelain ornaments this holiday. The 5-piece white animal ornaments can really brighten up that Christmas tree and add a wonderful glow to any tree. our finely crafted 'porcelain forest animal' tree ornaments are simply irresistible. a handsome hedgehog, plumb rabbit, proud badger, nibbling squirrel, inquisitive fox comprise our friendly forest menagerie. realistically detailed, the porcelain's snowy color is bright against winter greens. these heirloom quality tree ornaments are sure to be enjoyed for many years to come. price is for a set of 5 pieces: 1 of each style.  festive christmas tree ornaments in natural unglazed porcelain.