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extra large 23"h wooden cubebot poseable robot figure from nova68. cubebot robot poseable action toy in beech wood.  special: $249.99 instead of $280.00 while supplies last.  extra large cubebod robot. watch out you incredible shrinking man; or is it that the cubebot xl-sized robot just became bigger? standing at 23 inches tall; the areaware extra large cubebot toy looks like it was made on the day the earth stood still. like a robot creature from the forbidden planet, our huge robot toy is ready to control your world! need your robot in an active pose? poseable cubebot robots make it possible! flexible extra large cubebot toy robot allows to be arranged in various poses. display action robot toy can be flexible and poseable to suit your needs. this modern jointed cubebot adjustable robot can attain nearly any position you like. unlike most flexible robots, this ones has special elastic-jointed arms, legs and head, allowing positions like hand-stand, and arms perpendicular to its body. these extra large cubebots are perfect for unique active poses like mowing the lawn, sitting in the passengers seat while driving on the hov lane (not recommended) and in the back seat while horseback riding on a white sand beach, helping to lift weights, or wrapping an arm around you when you feel lonely. he is a better listener than most shrinks and never talks back either.

more large cubebod images below from nova68

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Cubebots – puzzling playful robots and all-in-one adventurers. Like everyone else, we come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We can be a he, a she, whatever you want us to be. Want a challenge? Try to fold us into a perfect cube. Forgive us for bragging, but not only are we smartly designed but were made of a renewable resource – sustainably harvested hardwood. Try saying that three times. Its our pleasure to make your acquaintance. Robot toys are usually made of plastic and require batteries - but not this one! Inspired by the Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, the Cubebot is a non-traditional take on the toy robot by joining ancient Japanese traditions with contemporary toy culture. Cubebots's powerful hardwood frame can hold many poses, and his elastic-band muscles and durable wood limbs make him impervious to breakage. When it's time for him to rest, he folds into a perfect cube. An enduring classic that will withstand generations of play. Recommended for ages 3+.