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Kay Bojesen: Natural Wooden Alphabet Blocks. Rosendahl, Denmark.  Special: $98.00 instead of $125.00.  NOVA68 EXCLUSIVE - 67-piece ABC alphabet blocks; the Kay Bojesen wooden ABC natural beechwood play blocks help children to spell words in a fun way. The set of blocks comprises 33 straight and 33 contoured wooden blocks that together form a simple yet intuitive system of letters. The simple geometric shapes of the letters resemble children’s writing and comprise the building blocks for hours of educational fun. 

The Kay Bojesen blocks are the perfect newborn gift or birthday gift, but also appeal to adult design lovers with their unmistakable references to the Bauhaus typologies. This classic Danish ABC Wooden Alphabet Block set comes packaged in a beautiful wooden gift box. Set includes 66 wooden blocks + 1 wooden case = 67 piece total.  Kay Bojesen was a leading Scandinavian functionalist and his architecture and designs are known for their simple, architectonic style.