Brazilian Modernism

Brazilian Renaissance

Wonderful photoshoot by Gui Paganini staring Alicia Kuczman for Elle Brazil.
The most amazing pool!  Beautiful; yet unknown location; please feel free to fill us in.

Midnight Modern

We love, love, love this photograph!

Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Hollywood House, Palm Desert, California, 1962

Rotating House

D’Angelo Rotating House photographed by James Schnepf

One of the unknown gems of mid-century modern architecture in Palm Springs.
The iconic mid-century modern D'Angelo Rotating House was designed in 1962 by Floyd D'Angelo and engineer Henry Conrey.  This aluminimum house rotates for part of a circle to position the windows avoiding direct sun and to have different mountain views.  The D’Angelo Rotating House is located in Snow Creek Cabazon in close proximity of Palm Springs.  The house has survived the last 50 years in reasonable good shape.

You can find more images of this house on Flickr.

Athletic Ability

Stretching Studies with Marilyn Monroe

Food for Thought

Drift Away

Positively Charged

Flamenco Guitar

The Making of a Flamenco Guitar

Harry Bertoia Side Chair

Harry Bertoia Side Chair in Los Angeles

Kartell Louis Ghost Chair

Kartell Louis Ghost Chair in Venice

The Kiss

Work that Magic: How to Kiss in Three Easy Steps

Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen perfect the kiss as photographed by Bill Ray for LIFE in 1967

Alexander Calder Stabiles

Alexander Calder
Small City
Executed in 1964
Estimate: 200,000.00 - 250,000.00 USD
Collection: Andrea Bollt Estate
Signed with the artist's monogram on red element
Painted metal and wire standing mobile
7 1/2 by 15 by 8 in. 19.1 by 38.1 by 20.3 cm
Calder Foundation Application Number A07793

Alexander Calder
White Quadrangles, Black Triangles
Executed in 1964
Estimate: 200,000.00 - 250,000.00 USD
Collection: Andrea Bollt Estate
Signed with the artist's monogram on the base
Painted metal and wire standing mobile
16 by 15 by 8 1/2 in. 40.6 by 38.1 by 21.6 cm
Calder Foundation Application Number A07796

Alexander Calder
Haverford Variation
Executed in 1944
Estimate: 150,000.00 - 200,000.00 USD
Collection: Andrea Bollt Estate
Signed with the artist's monogram
Painted metal stabile
18 by 16 1/2 by 12 in. 45.7 by 41.9 by 30.5 cm.
Calder Foundation Application Number A08203

Sotheby's will offer some of Alexander Calder's finest desktop stabiles in their upcoming contemporary art sale.  Most of these desktop Stabiles are from the 'mysterious' estate of the late Andrea Bollt who purchased them from Klaus Perls and Amelia Blumenthal, proprietors of the Perls Galleries in New York. Perls Galleries used to be the exclusive Alexander Calder agent for New York starting from 1954.  These wonderful Calder Stabiles have not seen the daylight in the last 50 years.  Few people even knew of their existence.  Scott Nussbaum and Johanna Flaum , specialists at Sotheby's Contemporary Art department, were in for a surprise when they were offered these Calder Stabiles by the 'Hawaiian' heirs of Andrea Bollt.  We especially love 'Small City' which Alexander Calder made in 1964.  It captures the essence of Calder's large scale kinetic Stabile sculptures.  With estimates starting at $150,000.00; they are quite a steal considering you cannot even buy a shoe-box for that price in Manhattan these days. 

Sweet Seduction

sensuality, let your body be free

Concrete Ideas

Diamond by Ministry of Mass

David Braeckman and Sander Michiels; the design duo behind 'Ministry of Mass' has created a nice selection of objects in concrete.

The Diamond is a solid rock of ambiguous character, consisting out of concrete and shaped like a diamond. The paradox it contains is no airy matter.  Concrete has formed our world by giving us the ability to construct in new ways. Diamonds, the ultimate objects of desire have no real impact on our way of life but their superlative qualities that superceed their usability have intrigued us for ages. The Diamond has with it’s shape rendered the concrete useless and claims it’s new position as an object of reflection and desire.  Even though it does not shimmer as it's carbon based similars, it does purify air thanks to it's titanium oxide supplement. The Diamond compels to reevaluate materials and their intrinsic properties while criticizing our perception driven culture.

Pelt Chair

The details are not the details. They make the design. - Charles Eames

Pelt Chair by Benjamin Humbert for De La Espada

Pelt is a dining chair comprised of plywood and solid ash launching at the London Design Festival in collaboration with Portuguese manufacturer De La Espada. The chair has a thin 8mm plywood shell that wraps around a solid ash frame, akin the skin over an animal’s skeleton. It extends down the front and rear legs with a fluid tab that seamlessly integrates with the solid frame beneath. The frame of the chair has been reduced to a simple cross construction linking the front and rear legs. This geometry was made possible by cncing a complex twist to maintain the integration of the start and end points. The chair also offers efficient stacking with its ability to stack 6 chairs. Pelt has been developed over a period of 12 months after several interations of prototyping and testing.


Porsche: Die Schönste Liebeserklärung

Desert Shootout

Steve McQueen and his first wife actress Neile Adams as photographed by LIFE's 
John Dominis over a three-week period in 1963.

Waves of Wonder

Waves of Wonder

Beautiful images of the waves rolling in by self taught Polish landscape photographer Marc Oller. For the above images, Marc Oller used long exposure technique photographing in poor lighting & with use of strong neutral density filters. His beautiful photrographies are pure in form, have an impeccable composition and are moody, calm and still.

Home Sweet Home

Mister Minimal

Architectural Photography by Swiss photographer Radek Brunecky

Rattle and Hum

Leipzig - Salzburg in a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Alloy Gullwing
5 hours 24 minutes

October 31st - RM auctions - London

Bye Bye Geneva

Morning Glow

Beautiful images by photographer Greg Kadel for Numero Tokyo 5. 
The model is Anouck Lepere from Antwerp Belgium