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Balancing Blocks

The most beautiful set of Balancing Blocks we have ever seen with a style that is very similar to Isamu Noguchi's sculptures in stone. Stack them up, knock them down, create and break down cities and miniature worlds. Ten hardwood game pieces finished in non-toxic white or primary colors offer a vintage look through fun contemporary forms. Balance these ten faceted stone-size shapes to create your own Noguchi-like sculpture. Tumbled in a water-based paint, and packaged in a cotton drawstring bag. A beautiful and very unique gift idea for the creative child or architectural spirit in you!

Balancing Blocks was designed by Fort Standard: a young contemporary design studio founded by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings. Their collaborative work is a fusion of craft-based backgrounds and a progressive design approach which pairs timeless materials with modern day process. Often using traditional methods of production in new ways, the designers have developed a unique form language rooted in simplicity and functionality. Their attention to detail, connections and materiality generate value through design in what Buntain and Collings describe as a "warm-contemporary" aesthetic