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Diamond by Ministry of Mass

David Braeckman and Sander Michiels; the design duo behind 'Ministry of Mass' has created a nice selection of objects in concrete.

The Diamond is a solid rock of ambiguous character, consisting out of concrete and shaped like a diamond. The paradox it contains is no airy matter.  Concrete has formed our world by giving us the ability to construct in new ways. Diamonds, the ultimate objects of desire have no real impact on our way of life but their superlative qualities that superceed their usability have intrigued us for ages. The Diamond has with it’s shape rendered the concrete useless and claims it’s new position as an object of reflection and desire.  Even though it does not shimmer as it's carbon based similars, it does purify air thanks to it's titanium oxide supplement. The Diamond compels to reevaluate materials and their intrinsic properties while criticizing our perception driven culture.