Missoni Beach Towel

Beautiful Missoni beach towel...it is still summer after all.

Missoni Beach Towel

Heineken Square Brick Bottle

Heineken's square brick bottle was conceived by Alfred Heineken and John Habraken in 1963.  Heineken named it the WOBO (World Bottle); they envisioned that it would be recycled and used in construction.  A couple of prototype constructions were built at the time.  Far ahead of its time, this bottle was one of the "greenest design ideas" of the early 1960s.  Unfortunately Heineken never put it into commercial production but we find the timing is right to give it another try (just not in earthquake prone regions perhaps).

Hotel in Finland

If you are on a date and you prefer not to leave your hotel room, here is your excuse, the Finnish hotel Kakslauttanen.

Perhaps, the Kakslauttanen hotel has a name which will make you giggle, but its rooms are seriously cool, really.  This hotel is located in one of the coldest places in the world so you will have to stay indoors, willing or not, making this the perfect hotel room for lovers and honeymooners (perhaps it is not a good idea to share this place with your in-laws so book them in a separate igloo).

The hotel provides 20 glass igloos, 60 beds in snow igloos and a one of a kind glass kota. Igloo Village is open each year between December and January depending on the weather conditions and stays open until the end of April.

Glass igloo provides an one of a kind opportunity to admire the northern lights and millions of stars of the crystal clear Lapp sky in a comfortable room temperature. Based on a groundbreaking idea and years of research and development, glass igloos are a marvel of modern technology. Built from a special thermal glass the temperature inside the igloo always stays at a normal level. It also prevents the glass from not getting white frosted, hence keeping the view clear even when the temperature outside drops to under -30°C. Every igloo is equipped with a toilet and luxury beds.

And the website of the hotel states the following "On every evening a hot sauna and a refreshing ice hole are waiting for you".  Giggle, yet again!

Kakslauttanen Igloo Village

Hitchcock's Chocolate Syrup

Interesting fact: Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie Psycho wasn't quite as gruesome as it may have seemed.  Hitchcock used two tins of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup to resemble the blood.  Psycho was set in black and white so it was impossible to tell that the syrup was brown instead of red.

Peel Trident Microcar

Not for uberly macho suburban pick up drivers but perfect for those in Her Majesty's Secret Service, the notorious British built Peel Trident Microcar. A real chick-magnet too! Works far better than a Ferrari Countach, trust us, we have tried it! It measures 71 inches long and 42 inches wide and can be lifted by a single person since its body is fiberglass. This dinky little run-around is not one of these a lovingly restored original microcars but a brand new space age modernist driving machine made by the British microcar enthusiast Andy Carter. Shown here is a replica of the famous Peel Trident microcar. Approximately 82 tridents were built from December 1964 to December 1966. Peel microcars were built in Peel, Isle of Man in the 1960's by Peel Engineering. Owner designer Cyril Cannell and his workforce led by George Gelling created these cars in premises close to peel harbour. Peel Engineering was at the forefront of glass fibre and plastics moulding technology, famous for its motorcycle racing fairings and boat-building expertise.

Andy Carter's Modern Microcars

And here is the original Peel Trident Microcar in the 1960s:

Architectural Chicken Coop

This modernist chicken coop has the lay out of a mid century modern home. If Richard Neutra would have had chickens, this would have been the chicken coop he would have picked for sure. What better way to pamper your friends the chickens with a swanky modernist pad that they can call their own? Dutch designer Frederik Roijé chicken coop is called "Breed Retreat".

Frederik Roijé

Vulgar Display of Art

Concetto Spaziale by Lucio Fontana

Art meets Fashion

Lucio Fontana, I have the pleasure to introduce you to Diane von Furstenberg.

Slasher Dress by Diane von Furstenberg available from dvf.com

Super Car Koenigsegg CCXR

You will not see Warren Buffett driving around in one of these....

Perhaps the most expensive and rarest of all super powerful and super expensive cars is the Koenigsegg CCXR which is manufactured in Sweden by a team of beautiful blond builders in bikinis.  Only six pieces of the car have been sold at a sticker price of (hold your breath) $1,900,000.00 (yes, that is almost $2 million dollars). 

A serious contender (if it comes do price and speed) of Tesla Motors. Swedish Koenigsegg states it is the fastest green (biofuel) super car in the world capable of achieving a top speed of 250 miles an hour (any faster would make it an airplane). So who buys a $1.9 million car? Well, the people that sit on one of the largest oil reserves in the world, the Royal Family of Qatar. The simply flew over the car from Qatar to London for the summer. The Koenigsegg CCXR was last spotted in front of Harrods (which happens to be owned by the Royal Family of Qatar as well).

The owner of this car sure doesn't seem to worry about Compound Interest any longer...  I guess it is all about striking a balance.

Magis Spun Chair

The Magis Spun Chair was created by British designer Thomas Heatherwick. The very unique Spun Chair resembles an oversized spinning top. The Magis Spun Chair allows you to lean back and rotate 360 on its axis. A great accent piece for indoor- or outdoor spaces. Simply use it to spin around or place it like a stand alone sculptural piece
in your living room or garden.

And here's a look at the production:

The Magis Spun Chair came out of research into the geometric simplification of a familiar object type. Could a completely rotationally symmetrical form make a comfortable chair? Developed through full-size test pieces, an ergonomic was established where seat, back and arms were all the same profile. The result is not immediately apparent as a chair and when upright looks more like a sculptural vessel. When lent on its side however, it forms a comfortable and functional chair that the sitter can rock from side to side in, or even spin round in a complete circle.

Magis Spun Chair by Thomas Heatherwick

Wall Light

Modern lighting classic!  The light in the center is the Pistillo Wall Lamp

Image credit Husligheter Sweden.

Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair by Fritz Hansen.  This has to be one of our favorite chairs! Super comfortable and inviting. Generously sized to take little naps in too! The Egg chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 and is produced by Fritz Hansen in Denmark. Arne Jacobsen designed the Egg Chair for the lobby and reception areas in the Royal Hotel, in Copenhagen. The commission to design every element of the hotel building as well as the furniture was Arne Jacobsen's grand opportunity to put his theories of integrated design and architecture into practice. Arne Jacobsen's Egg Chair is one of the triumphs of Jacobsen's total design - a sculptural contrast to the building's almost exclusively vertical and horizontal surfaces. The Egg Chair sprang from a new technique, which Arne Jacobsen was the first to use; a strong foam inner shell underneath the upholstery. Like a sculptor, Arne Jacobsen strove to find the shell's perfect shape in clay at home in his own garage. Because of the unique shape, the Egg Chair guarantees a bit of privacy in otherwise public spaces and the Egg Chair – with or without footstool – is ideal for lounge and waiting areas as well as the home. The shell of the Egg Chair is of polyurethane foam with a fiberglass reinforcement. The shell has an adjustable tilt which can be adjusted to the weight of the individual user. The base consists of a satin-polished, welded steel tube and a 4-star base in injection molded aluminum. Arne Jacobsen's Egg Chair is an undisputed masterpiece in the history of modern furniture design. It is a beloved Danish design classic and it effortlessly combines comfort and style.

Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen

Minimal Interior Amsterdam

Upper Floor Plan

Lower Floor Plan

Miminal modern house in Amsterdam by i29 architects. The beautiful white floor was done with white epoxy. Epoxy is one of the least expensive ways to create a modern floor and it looks fabulous. The laser-cut panels int he living room and kitchen are spray painted white. The black chairs in the living room is Constantin Grcic's Chair One by Magis and they are available in the USA through modern design retailer www.nova68.com

Classic Literature

Mid Century Modern in 1958

Mid Century Modern garden and house in Mon Oncle by Jacques Tati (1958).  Currently available from Netflix for instant download.  A very special movie for very special people like yourself.  Perfection down to the last detail.  Note the entrance gate: makes us wonder if Ed Ruscha was aware of this movie before he created his Standard Station series (1963).

Outdoor Chairs

Solair Chair available from nova68.com

Image Credit Fabulousfabs Flickr

Image Credit Fabulousfabs Flickr

Image Credit Zoomermag
Solair Chair available from nova68.com

Solair Chair available from nova68.com

NOVA68.com has teamed up with the original manufacturer to revive a beloved modern design classic. The Solair chair was created by the Italian designers Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini for L’Industrie Provinciale in 1972. An industrial design team who set the standard for stylish mid century modern garden design furniture. The Solair Chair embodies the best of mid century modern design, perfect for indoor and outdoor use, it is rather lightweight, extremely comfortable and super stylish. The chairs are easy to disassemble and stack. Both the metal frame and the plastic shell can be separately stacked, the plastic shells sit inside each other, same with the metal frame. Its simple lines and solid practicality exudes an allure that continues to speak to us about its emblematic place in modern culture.

Solair Chair available from nova68.com

Extensively retailed throughout the 1970s the Solair was marketed across North America. A stalwart in Eaton’s and Sears catalogs; the Solair Chair went on to become an iconic fixture of roadside motels and pools of the period (see Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Florida, etc). The Solair Chair is the perfect chair for patios, gardens and pool areas. If you want the mid century modern Palm Springs look, there is no equal!

Solair Chair available from nova68.com

The Solair Chair is part of the permanent collection of the Musée National des Beaux-Arts Québec Canada.

The seat shell is plastic and the frame is black enameled metal. The frame has glides to protect the floor. Seat shell and frame ship separately and require assembly.

Solair Chair available from nova68.com

If you like mid century modern design and architecture we have a suggestion for you: rent the movie "Mon Oncle" by Jacques Tati.  You will appreciate the mid century modern garden.

The chairs are economically priced at $599 when you purchase a set of four chairs (this comes down to $149.75 per chair).  Plus: shipping is complimentary within the USA and there is no additional sales tax. 

Solair Chair available from nova68.com

Minimal White Bedroom

Modern minimal all-white bedroom with custom high-gloss white furniture.

Wall Mirror by Kartell

Nice modern wall mirror designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell

Planet by Marc Quinn

Planet by Marc Quinn

Glass Pavilion House

Steve Hermann Architecture
The Glass Pavilion
Montecito, Santa Barbara

The Glass Pavilion is a redefining structure within modernism. It is a benchmark building that sets the bar as to what modernism is and can be. Throughout the last century there has been a few great buildings that defined modernism and inspired a generation to imagine what is possible not only within architecture but as a society as a whole. Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion and Farnsworth house, as well as Phillip Johnson’s glass house were these type of defining structures. Now, Steve Hermann’s Glass Pavilion takes the architectural tenants of these greats and catapults these concepts into the new millennium.

Through the use of massive structural steel beams, the home is able to appear weightless as it hovers above an expansive lawn. No expense has been spared during the six years that it took to complete this groundbreaking structure. All of the large glass panels are Star Fire glass, an incredibly clear glass usually reserved for jewelry displays. It s kitchen and baths are by such famous names as Varena, Poliform and Antonio Lupi (available through stardust.com). In each category the best and most exciting products from around the world were sourced to make this home flawless in each category. The home has five bedrooms, five and a half baths, grand hallway and large wine room. The glass pavilion includes an art gallery where the owner currently displays their vintage car collection. The space is so generous that it is capable of holding up to 32 cars within its walnut lined walls.

This is a home with possibly no equal. The combination of architectural groundbreaking style and extreme detail in finish quality make it a home without compare. It is the pinnacle of architecture for this generation and will define the era in which it was built.

The Glass Pavilion would make Philip Johnson (Philip Johnson's Glass House) and Mies van der Rohe (Farnsworth House) smile from ear to ear.  Steve Hermann got everything right, down to the last detail.  This icon of modern architecture was created by architect Steve Hermann who calls this his 'opus'.  The Glass Pavilion is a benchmark building that sets the bar as to what modernism is and can be. Set within a 3.5+/- acre estate of oak groves in Montecito, the wealthy enclave of Santa Barbara, this home is impressive beyond words. The five bedrooms, five and a half bath home is 14,000+/- square feet. The glass pavilion includes a large kitchen with wine room holding several thousand bottles, grand hallway, and art gallery. The art gallery currently displays a vintage car collection. The space is so generous that it is capable of holding up to 32 cars within its walnut lined walls. This is a world home with possibly no equal. The combination of architectural groundbreaking style and extreme detail in finish quality make it a home without compare. It is the pinnacle of architecture for this generation and will define the era in which it was built.

Set within a 3.5+/- acre estate of oak groves in Montecito and boasting 14,000+/- sq. ft. under roof, this home is impressive beyond words. An almost entirely glass home it allows occupants to be comfortably inside while completely enveloped within nature. As you drive down the long gated driveway, it slowly comes into view. You are immediately confronted with a large all glass home, floating above gently rolling lawns. The site of it is awe-inspiring.

Amenities List:

Living Room
Three walls of Starfire glass. Statuary marble fireplace with hidden plasma T.V. behind artwork, terrazzo floors through entire house, Rimedesio shelving system.

Dining Room
David Weeks mid century inspired chandelier hangs over the dining table, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows.

Poliform/Varena white lacquered cabinetry, 2 Miele ovens, 1 Miele Steamer, 1 Miele convection microwave, 1 Miele espresso maker, 2 Meile dishwashers, 2 sub zero refrigerators, Varena hood, LCD T. V, Crestron home automation panel, statuary marble countertops, Gaggeneau modular range and BBQ.

Wine Room
Poliform/Varena high gloss lacquer cabinetry capable of holding several thousand bottles. Room is temperature controlled and has additional white wine coolers.

Grand Hallway
Straight grained oak paneled walls from Tabu in Italy, Calvin Klein grey wool fabric paneled walls, B&B Italia shelving system built into the walls, Crestron Home automation panel, Botticino wall switches, recessed lights, uplighting and pathway lights all on a Vantage lighting system.

Master Bedroom
Wool fabric paneled wall, straight grain oak paneled wall, full wall fireplace made out of Statuary marble with ten foot long fireplace, terrazzo floors, floor-to -eiling glass walls overlooking the oak grove.

Master Bath/Closet
Poliform high gloss lacquered walk in cabinetry in closet, Antonio Lupi high gloss white vanity with minimalist countertop and 2 built in sinks, Jesse vanity faucets, Antonio Lupi free standing tub, walls of Italian porcelain, oversized shower with 2 standard rain shower heads and one 3 foot long Dorn Bracht rain head in ceiling. Agape toilets from Italy.

Bedroom Number 1, 2 & 3
Oak paneled walls with built in mirror, Poliform high gloss lacquered closets, automated curtains, Plasma T.V., bathroom glass tile from Anne Saks, shower pan by Antonio Lupi, shower faucet by Fantini, vanity by Antonio Lupi, faucets by Jesse, aced etched glass wall, Agape Toilet.

Pinstriped fabric wall paneling, Poliform Shelving system, Samsung plasma T.V., Polifom walk in closet, Antonio Lupi vanity, Jesse Faucets, Antonio Lupi shower pan, Fantini shower system, Ann Saks glass tile.

The Gallery
Walnut lined walls of an oversized gallery capable of holding up to 30 collector cars or an enormous art collection. Lots of natural light from the floor to ceiling windows.

Estate Amenities
3.5 Oak covered wooded acres
Amazing view of Oaks and Mountains from all glass house
Gated estate with long driveway
Completely private
Brand new world class achitectural
Indoor parking for up to 32 cars
Starfire glass throughout
Poured in place terrazzo floors
7 zones of HVAC plus 4 zones of radiant floor heating
Interior black glass doors by Movi
Whole home automation by Crestron
Lighting system by Vantage
Whole home audio system
All Poliform Cabinetry
Bathrooms by Antonio Lupi
Security cameras and system
Full home water filtration system

Glass Pavilion House
780 Ashley Road
Montecito, CA 93108

Listed for $35,000,000

* 5 bedrooms
* 5 full baths
* 1 half bath
* Interior: 13,875 sq. ft. (approx.)
* Acreage: 3.49 acres (approx.)

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