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Peel Trident Microcar

Not for uberly macho suburban pick up drivers but perfect for those in Her Majesty's Secret Service, the notorious British built Peel Trident Microcar. A real chick-magnet too! Works far better than a Ferrari Countach, trust us, we have tried it! It measures 71 inches long and 42 inches wide and can be lifted by a single person since its body is fiberglass. This dinky little run-around is not one of these a lovingly restored original microcars but a brand new space age modernist driving machine made by the British microcar enthusiast Andy Carter. Shown here is a replica of the famous Peel Trident microcar. Approximately 82 tridents were built from December 1964 to December 1966. Peel microcars were built in Peel, Isle of Man in the 1960's by Peel Engineering. Owner designer Cyril Cannell and his workforce led by George Gelling created these cars in premises close to peel harbour. Peel Engineering was at the forefront of glass fibre and plastics moulding technology, famous for its motorcycle racing fairings and boat-building expertise.

Andy Carter's Modern Microcars

And here is the original Peel Trident Microcar in the 1960s: