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Magis Spun Chair

The Magis Spun Chair was created by British designer Thomas Heatherwick. The very unique Spun Chair resembles an oversized spinning top. The Magis Spun Chair allows you to lean back and rotate 360 on its axis. A great accent piece for indoor- or outdoor spaces. Simply use it to spin around or place it like a stand alone sculptural piece
in your living room or garden.

And here's a look at the production:

The Magis Spun Chair came out of research into the geometric simplification of a familiar object type. Could a completely rotationally symmetrical form make a comfortable chair? Developed through full-size test pieces, an ergonomic was established where seat, back and arms were all the same profile. The result is not immediately apparent as a chair and when upright looks more like a sculptural vessel. When lent on its side however, it forms a comfortable and functional chair that the sitter can rock from side to side in, or even spin round in a complete circle.

Magis Spun Chair by Thomas Heatherwick