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Extra Large Bulb Light

Extra Large Incandescent Shaped Light Bulb

A dream for any the incandescent advocate!

The perfect solution for the person that keeps on telling you to make the switch from incandescent to those dastardly CFL bulbs. Of course you could tell them that CFL bulbs have serious disposal issues (only a very small percentage gets recycled so we end up with mercury polluted waterways...why nobody thought about this beforehand, we just don't know). But to get really even, why don't you install a couple of these gigantic incandescent light bulbs which would make Thomas Edison smile from ear to ear!

Unlike anything you have ever seen before! The sizable bulb pendant light was designed by the Belgian architect Sarah Olaerts. This extra large bulb pendant light is a true collectors piece. It perfectly blends art with lighting design. An iconic classic that belongs in a museum next to the pop art creations by Claes Oldenberug. The extra large bulb lamp stands at about four-and-a-half-feet tall. This lamp is shaped exactly like a regular light bulb, only incandescent all the way through and, uh, about forty times the size. It's big enough to fill large spaces and visually strong enough to be able to share meadow space with a couple of cows.

Suspended or positioned on the floor this lamp makes a sizable impression in any space. This light emits a gentle diffused 45W light which creates a special atmosphere in any interior. This classic icon of Belgian design has received international acclaim and will be a real conversation pieces. A wonderful pop art design lamp.

Extra Large Incandescent Shaped Light Bulb


Loly said…
Hi, do you know where I can get this lamp??? I've been looking for one of this for a while, please help!