Zombie Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup Anyone?

Before you purchase your bread, cereal, soft drink, etc. make sure it contains no Corn Syrup.

Because of a system of price supports and sugar quotas imposed since May 1982, importing sugar into the United States is prohibitively expensive, rendering high fructose corn syrup, derived from corn, more economical since the American price of sugar is artificially far higher than the global price of sugar and the price of #2 corn artificially low due to both government subsidies and dumping on the market as farmers produce more corn annually.

Unfortunately there is a problem with Corn Syrup:
  • One of the top reasons of America's expanding waistlines.
  • Almost certainly made from genetically modified corn and then it is processed with genetically modified enzymes.
  • Genetically modified corn can be considered "Zombie Corn", since they are the living dead of the food chain. Walking through a modified corn field is remarkable, everything is silent since there are are almost no insects (all killed by Zombie Corn). The remaining bit of "life" that remains in these fields is often killed by pest killers produced by the same company that engineered many of today's zombie crops.
  • Go Organic, if it is not for you, do it for your kids!
Did you know that unsuspecting parents now even feed their babies with formula which contains Corn Syrup as well? Yes, to our surprise, even the most popular baby brand formula contains Corn Syrup. Wonder how these CEO's sleep at night!

Also read the article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

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BULGARI Hotels & Resorts
Contemporary luxury in hospitality.

Is it a far stretch from "Green Energy" to "Luxury"?
I guess not considering the Rise of the Wholefoods Empire.

Now available in Milan and Bali....
BULGARI Hotels & Resorts.
Very Stylish indeed...and they should be able to get you some organic food as well.
If you love "Four Seasons", this is your candy.

This is the philosophy behind Bulgari Hotels & Resorts:

Undisputably unique locations, contemporary design and superior service are the key elements destined to characterize the collection of hotels which Bulgari Hotels & Resorts will open in some of the world's most important capital cities and resort locations.

Each detail is a tribute to absolute luxury: from the architecture, which harmonizes urban surroundings with nature, to the search of lavish materials, from delicacies to exclusive spa treatments, and personalized services.



DroughtBuster - the low-tech and elegant solution for moving waste water.

Recycle used water and save plants from drought conditions, protecting the time and investment you have made in them.

We decided to pay attention to "Green" this week after Brussels Climate Change Meeting.

The unit we found in the UK syphons water from the bath, paddling pool or water tank straight onto the garden. A few squeezes of the hand pump starts the process and then gravity takes over. Attach to any standard hosepipe with the universal connector.

Taking a bath without soaps is relaxing as well and trillions of gallons of bathwater could be saved this way...which in return would cause less impact on water resources.

Found in the UK and hopefully soon in the US and other countries:



The CarbonNeutral Company

By Sue Welland,
co-founder of The CarbonNeutral Company

Over 10 years ago, I co-founded this business (then known as Future Forests). We were ahead of real interest in climate change – which was tough - but idea was to make it easier for everyone to understand their personal contribution to global warming, and then to provide practical and straightforward ways to reduce those emissions. And we wanted to make the whole experience feel good, rather than getting people or companies to pay or give out of some sense of guilt.

To get things going, we worked with a small and entrepreneurial science group in Edinburgh (now the renown Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, and still associated with us) and some forestry partners. Between us we created and sold some of the first 'carbon offsets' for individuals and businesses – you could measure the CO2 you created, and then pay toward planting the number of trees that was calculated to soak up that CO2. The local environment benefited, we were tackling climate change (albeit in a small way at that point), and the ‘measure, reduce, offset’ mantra was born.

In those early days, trees were an important part of our appeal: they’re very tangible vs the invisible nature of ‘greenhouse gases’ it was easy to understand how trees absorb CO2 and put out oxygen.

Things – thankfully – have changed. ‘Thankfully’ because it takes a tree 100 years to soak up the amount of CO2 a person could produce from driving in just 2 months. In terms of offsets, you can achieve the same CO2 reduction by changing your behaviour (eg buy green electricity) and, in terms of ‘offsets’, through technology shifts (like swapping kerosene burners in India with solar panels). So, since 2002, we’ve expanded what we do considerably and work, for example, with methane capture (21 times more powerful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas), energy efficiency and renewable energy like hydro and wind. We’ve also now added over 50 low CO2 producing products to our website (and there are loads more in the pipeline).




Building future rockets for the future.

In an era when most technology based products follow a path of ever-increasing capability and reliability while simultaneously reducing costs, launch vehicles today are little changed from those of 40 years ago. SpaceX aims to change this paradigm by developing a family of launch vehicles which will ultimately reduce the cost and increase the reliability of space access by a factor of ten. Coupled with the newly emerging market for private and commercial space transport, this new model will re-ignite humanity's efforts to explore and develop Space.

Our company is based on the philosophy that simplicity, low-cost, and reliability can go hand in hand. By eliminating the traditional layers of management, internally, and sub-contractors, externally, we reduce our costs while speeding decision making and delivery. Likewise, by keeping the vast majority of manufacturing in house, we reduce our costs, keep tighter control of quality, and ensure a tight feedback loop between the design and manufacturing teams. And by focusing on simple, proven designs with a primary focus on reliability, we reduce the costs associated with complex systems operating at the margin.

Established in 2002 by Elon Musk , the founder of PayPal and the Zip2 Corporation, SpaceX has already developed two brand new launch vehicles, established an impressive launch manifest, and been awarded the COTS contract by NASA to demonstrate delivery and return of cargo to the International Space Station. Supported by this order book and Mr. Musk's substantial resources, SpaceX is on an extremely sound financial footing as we move towards volume commercial launches in 2007 and beyond.

Although drawing upon a rich history of prior launch vehicle and engine programs, SpaceX is privately developing the Dragon crew and cargo capsule and the Falcon family of rockets from the ground up, including main and upper stage engines, the cryogenic tank structure, avionics, guidance & control software and ground support equipment.

With the Falcon 1, Falcon 9 and Falcon 9 Heavy launch vehicles, SpaceX is able to offer a full spectrum of light, medium and heavy lift launch capabilities to our customers. We are able to deliver spacecraft into any inclination and altitude, from low Earth orbit to geosynchronous orbit to planetary missions. The Falcon 9 and Falcon 9 Heavy are the only US launch vehicles with true engine out reliability. They are also designed such that all stages are reusable, making them the world's first fully reusable launch vehicles. And our Dragon crew and cargo capsule, currently under development, will revolutionize access to space by providing efficient and reliable transport of crew and cargo to the ISS and other LEO destinations.

Our design and manufacturing facilities are located near the Los Angeles International airport, leveraging the deep and rich aerospace talent pool available in Southern California . Our extensive propulsion and structural test facilities are located in Central Texas . We currently have launch complexes available in Vandenberg and Kwajalein Island , and we are working to secure launch facilities at Cape Canaveral.

Copyright: SpaceX

TESLA Motors

Elon Musk: Internet-, Space-, Environmental Futurist

TESLA Motors: Burn rubber, not gasoline
TESLA Motors presents the Tesla Roadster
  • 100% Electric
  • 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds
  • 135 mpg equivalent
  • 250 miles per charge
  • about 1 cent per mile.
  • Better acceleration than a Lamborghini Murcielago!
Price: $92,950 base price

IT IS midnight at the Playboy mansion and Elon Musk is in the cigar alcove with a couple of friends, holding forth. His vantage point gives him panoramic views of the goings-on at the party and easy access to the poolside bunnywalks. He seems like just another wealthy playboy. After all, when he is not partying with Playmates, Mr Musk likes to entertain in style at his pricey Bel Air home and speed around Los Angeles in his million-dollar McLaren racer...

...Though he is only 35, Mr Musk has already made surprising progress toward the three modest goals he set for himself when at college: to transform the internet, make a breakthrough in clean energy and propel mankind towards inter-planetary travel. He arrived at Stanford University intending to do a doctorate on batteries for electric cars, but dropped out to jump on the internet bandwagon. He struck gold when he sold PayPal, the online payments firm, to eBay for $1.5 billion in 2002. Rather than retire comfortably, he says he “doubled down” his proceeds into his two other passions: clean energy and space.

The first bet was Tesla Motors, an electric-car company that is the first new American automobile firm in decades. Many consumers associate electric cars with golf carts and fear they will have only limited range; the motor industry refused to make them after a failed effort in the 1990s. Mr Musk may prove the nay-sayers wrong. In July Tesla unveiled its first model: a sports car which is faster than a Ferrari, more environmentally friendly than a Toyota Prius and can travel 250 miles after charging overnight through an ordinary household socket. The first few have been pre-sold, but the concept will be properly tested only when they start rolling off the production line in August.

Read the full article at The Economist.

Copyright: The Economist Newspaper Limited 2007

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