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Zombie Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup Anyone?

Before you purchase your bread, cereal, soft drink, etc. make sure it contains no Corn Syrup.

Because of a system of price supports and sugar quotas imposed since May 1982, importing sugar into the United States is prohibitively expensive, rendering high fructose corn syrup, derived from corn, more economical since the American price of sugar is artificially far higher than the global price of sugar and the price of #2 corn artificially low due to both government subsidies and dumping on the market as farmers produce more corn annually.

Unfortunately there is a problem with Corn Syrup:
  • One of the top reasons of America's expanding waistlines.
  • Almost certainly made from genetically modified corn and then it is processed with genetically modified enzymes.
  • Genetically modified corn can be considered "Zombie Corn", since they are the living dead of the food chain. Walking through a modified corn field is remarkable, everything is silent since there are are almost no insects (all killed by Zombie Corn). The remaining bit of "life" that remains in these fields is often killed by pest killers produced by the same company that engineered many of today's zombie crops.
  • Go Organic, if it is not for you, do it for your kids!
Did you know that unsuspecting parents now even feed their babies with formula which contains Corn Syrup as well? Yes, to our surprise, even the most popular baby brand formula contains Corn Syrup. Wonder how these CEO's sleep at night!

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