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BULGARI Hotels & Resorts
Contemporary luxury in hospitality.

Is it a far stretch from "Green Energy" to "Luxury"?
I guess not considering the Rise of the Wholefoods Empire.

Now available in Milan and Bali....
BULGARI Hotels & Resorts.
Very Stylish indeed...and they should be able to get you some organic food as well.
If you love "Four Seasons", this is your candy.

This is the philosophy behind Bulgari Hotels & Resorts:

Undisputably unique locations, contemporary design and superior service are the key elements destined to characterize the collection of hotels which Bulgari Hotels & Resorts will open in some of the world's most important capital cities and resort locations.

Each detail is a tribute to absolute luxury: from the architecture, which harmonizes urban surroundings with nature, to the search of lavish materials, from delicacies to exclusive spa treatments, and personalized services.