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Nesso Lamp

The Nesso table lamp was created in the year 1965 by the designer Giancarlo Mattioli and the Gruppo architetti urbanisti citta nuova for the Italian lamps manufacturer Artemide. Already in the year 1965, Nesso won the 1st prize at a design competition in Milan. With brilliant methods, the Nesso table lamp from Artemide embodies the modern time spirit of the 1960es with all its colourful and optimistic colours and forms. The round and organic design of the lamp wakes associations with a mushroom.  Nesso spends direct and diffuse light. Through the mushrooms’ head, the light is radiated coloured, white it shines directly to the base. Base and lamp-shade from Nesso consist of ABS plastic that is manufactured in a die casting procedure in chromed moulds. Today the Nesso table lamp is a classic of the lamp design and placed in numerous museums all around the world; such as for example the renowned New York Museum of Modern Art. Nesso is available in white and orange.