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VW Bus Design Classic

VW Bus Design Classic

VW Bus Design Classic with Kate Moss

Pull up to the Bumper Baby

Surf's up; let's catch some waves.
We all love these classic thought provoking images of the classic VW Bus, especially when pictured with a beautiful woman.  Every time we see one in the streets (which is becoming more rare every day) we always have a smile on our face (both VW bus or a beautiful woman).

I guess because it always appears that the VW Bus has a smile on its face as well...

The VW bus has such a "feel-good" vibe that makes us dream about going cross country through 1950's America, when times where "perhaps" more innocent.

If only time travel were possible....

f you love the classic VW bus, you will certainly love the Beetle.
Check out this amazing book on the history of the VW Beetle:
Thinking Small: The Long, Strange Trip of the Volkswagen Beetle

VW Samba Van 1958

Amazingly Detailed VW Samba Van in Hand-Blown Glass from the VW Collectors Edition of Ornaments from NOVA68