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The Trip

For your mind, your body and your soul. This Phallus shaped house was created under the influence of LSD, really, we are not making this up. The house was created by the San Francisco and Houston-based Ant Farm after they had a psych-out vision during an LSD trip. The members of Ant Farm, Richard Jost, Charles Lord, Jr. and Doug Michels named this house "The House of the Century 1972–2072". It was constructed in Angleton, Texas. But unfortunately it was not meant to be long-lived. It got hit by the Brazos River flood in 1985. It was under six or seven feet of dirty swamp water. It was slow to drain out and the interior rotted. The owners of the house pulled the plug, and then it became overgrown and became a ruin. From dust to dust.  Doug Michels, one of the original architects oversaw a renovation of the house in 2006/2007.  Unfortunately he has since passed away so we are not sure if the renovation was completed.

Ant Farm was a group of strung-out space age trippers, philosophers, film-makers, politicians, and architects who lived a nomadic and collectively organized Iife scattered throughout Texas and California. Every member of the community was an active participant in the realization of social actions that ranged from building buildings, to making objects, records, video tapes and demonstrations.

Image Credit: Germano Celant for Domus Italy, 1973.