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Living the Future

A brilliant scene (you can download the entire movie right now on YouTube) from a brilliant film, perhaps Woody Allen's finest. Living the future with Wooden Allen's Sleeper
Sleeper was released in 1973 and it was one of the last 'everything-is-possible-in-the-future' Space Age movies from that incredible Space Age plastic-fantastic period which ran between 1968-1972 (in 1972 the Oil Embargo ended the world's love for oil and oil by-products including plastic).  This film will make any (space age) modernist drool. This movie was shot at the Charles Deaton house which is one of the finest gems of mid century modern architecture. Space Age interiors filled with modern furniture classics (Verner Panton chairs), robots (real and unreal) and liberal art collector types getting high on silver balls.  Sounds like our kind of party!