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Space Age Interior

The Illustrated Man, a very unusual movie from 1969, features a great space age interior set. What where they smoking? That's what you will think when you start this movie, but hang in there and you will be rewarded with this fantastic all-white modern sixties interior. The modern space age house of the future has a special virtual reality room in which people can transfer back (or forward) to any time. The movie has plenty psychedelic moments over a difficult to understand story line. A must-see cult icon for die hard space age fans. You can currently view the movie on Netflix "Play on Computer".

Great for fans of Eero Aarnio, Harry Bertoia, Wendell Castle, Joe Colombo, Curtis Jerre, Guzzini, Arne Jacobsen, Laurel, Erwin and Estelle Laverne, Ueli Berger and Eleanora Peduzzi Riva, Martinelli Luce, Neal Small, Olivier Mourgue, Eero Saarinen, Verner Panton, Space Age, Kartell, etc.

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