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Space Age Dentistry

Did you know they already had flos in 1972, apparently so. Back in 1972 everything was Spacey. Even dentistry was totally spaced out, and not alone your dentist if I may add! If you went to the dentist in 1972 you may remember this wonderful book which children received from their dentist. Casper the Friendly Ghost Presents Space-Age Dentistry (1972) was a promotional comic book distributed by the American Dental Association in order to make kids believe that dentistry was fun (kids know better by now). 16-pages including covers, full-color. Casper the Friendly Ghost loves Space-Age Dentistry. The little icon in the lower left reads "Look for me on the Moon". How about that!

And the fun doesn't stop with Casper. The Jetsons love Space Age Dentistry too! Get a glimpse of the dental office of the future, where good dental hygiene and family time go hand and hand.