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Design Furniture by Pierre Paulin

ABCD Modern Design Serries
Designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort in 1969

We absolutely love these ubercool modern design seating units which were created by Dutch designer Pierre Paulin in 1966. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of these modern furniture classics, Artifort has re-released the series again. Best of all, they are available with their original psychedelic upholstery which was designed by Danish fabric designer Jack Lenor Larsen in the same year (1967).

Above: Pierre Paulin ABCD Sofa

The ABCD seating series are super comfortable. Pierre Paulin's iconic seating series are classics in the history of modern furniture. They have a clean, simple ergonomic form sculpted to fit the body. Its curves look like inviting waves. Organic and soft. Very relaxing and supportive. Creating space for everyone who sits on it. The Pierre Paulin ABCD chair, combined with the ABCD sofa, provides the ideal modern seating arrangement for modern home interiors, hotel lobbies and lounges. The current ABCD series look exactly the same as the originals from 1966. They are still manufactured by Artifort in the Netherlands. The ABCD two seater sofa is available with fixed feet or casters so it can be moved with great ease.

Above: Pierre Paulin ABCD Sofa

In the 1950's, Pierre Paulin, born in France, was invited by Kho Liang Ie to present his prototypes at an international furniture show. This planted the seeds for a working relationship that was to bear very special fruit over the next 50 years – half a century. Who does not know such modern classics as Ribbon, Orange Slice, Tongue, Butterfly and Mushroom? Again and again, the worldwide prize-winning designs of Pierre Paulin appear as true works of art. They are challenging. They inspire. But, above all, they are pieces of furniture that you can sit in. They are not form for the sake of form but applied design. In optima forma. To mark this special year, all of Paulin’s designs for Artifort are available in the fabric Momentum. This fabric was designed in 1967 by Jack Lenor Larsen and has been returned to production this year by Artifort. This exceptional design by Larson lends an extra dimension to Paulin’s seating sculptures. At the time, they were revolutionary. Now they have become timeless. An evergreen. First there was the Mushroom –one of Paulin’s best known designs. A design that is included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. After that came the Mushroom pouffe – an equally celebrated design that featured in all the magazines. And one that has now re-entered production. Paulin designed Le Chat in 1967. Its tense curves seem to leap from a single point. Drawn with a single stroke of the pen. Without hesitation. You can feel the power, the readiness to leap. But it also invites you to sit. It’s fully shaped to your body.

Above: Pierre Paulin Ribbon Chair