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Art by Bernard Villemot

Bernard Villemot, Bergasol, 1976

Bernard Villemot, Bally, 1979

Bernard Villemot, SNCF, 1973

Bernard Villemot, Perrier, 1976

Bernard Villemot, Le Drap 3+3+3, 1955

Bernard Villemot, Perrier, 1981

Bernard Villemot, Perrier, 1978

Bernard Villemot, Wagons-Lits, 1964

Here are some more example by French artist Bernard Villemot. Bernard Villemot was a French poster artist who lived from 1911 to 1989. He was perhaps the most well-known and well-respected French poster artist of his era. Beginning in the 1930s, Villemot started producing his classic stylized pieces. His works represented economy of form, featuring bright colorations, bold messages, and an inimitable style. Indeed, Villemot built up his huge reputation not just by appealing to fans, but also by wowing the international lithographic community.

After initial critical success, Bernard Villemot was hired by a number of major corporations to design advertising posters. For Orangina, the European sparkling soft drink, Bernard Villemot designed a particularly bold poster series. For Perrier, the sparkling table water company, Bernard Villemot created esoteric and curious arrangements. Bernard Villemot invented similarly original work for the Bally company.

Bernard Villemot often compared his work to visual telegrams. He believed in clear messages, bold expression, and cleverness. He also gained a wide reputation for depicting curvy women in a number of racy contexts. His lithography was defined by sharp lines, cheerful imagery, and charm. Original mint condition Bernard Villemot posters, framed and signed, are now typically worth on the order of several thousand dollars. His work is, if anything, eminently collectible.

While Bernard Villemot found commercial success, he also found critical success. In 1966, his major posters were singularly exhibited at the Musee de Arts Decoratifs in Paris, France. In 1981, the renowned Bibliotheque in Paris reviewed his work. He also won several major awards, such as the Martini Gold Medal, and garnered favorable reviews from even the harshest art critics of his time.


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