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Ferrari 512 Modulo by Pininfarina 1970

Paolo Martin's first sketch for the Ferrari Modulo.

Art in the making: even Paolo Martin's signature is art.

Ferrari Modulo cute behind.

Ferrari Modulo streamlined to the bone.

Ferrari Modulo for the beach girls.

Ferrari Modulo for Pierre Cardin and Andre Courreges girls.

Ferrari Modulo Concept Car as shown at the Geneva Motor Show 1970.

Ferrari Modulo Concept Car as shown at the Geneva Motor Show 1970.

Ferrari Modulo's Logo designed by Paolo Martin

Where things really better in 1970? If you were in Europe and you loved design, that's an astounding YES. At this time we have still some unsolved issues with our time machine. Alas, we cannot take you back in person, just yet. In the time being, this blog will have to do. Our apologies. The Ferrari Modulo was designed by Paolo Martin for Pininfarina (an Italian car design firm and coachbuilder in Cambiano Italy) in 1970.

Paolo Martin (matching suit and tie no accident) and his design team.

The car that Sacha Baron Cohen's Brüno character wanted to get for his movie, but couldn't. The Ferrari Modulo is by far one of the most beautiful Space Age cars ever designed. In 1970, Ferrari's chief designer Paolo Martin lifted the covers off Pinninfarina's latest concept at the Geneva Motor Show. Though the Ferrari Modulo was lauded as a work of automotive art, the motoring media were scathing about what was seen as a great folly. Entry into the 1970 Ferrari Pininfarina Modulo was via the canopy, which moved forward. It's unlikely the car was drivable above walking speed but as a flight of automotive design fancy the Modulo has never been bettered. The Ferrari Modulo, the craziest dream car in the entire planetary system and beyond, the most unique, violently peaceful, inimitable and conceptually different dream machine. A design so radical that even the Congo went nuts for it: