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Mod Fashion

Twiggy, the eternal star of mod fashion.

A Pierre Cardin fashion parade at the Canberra Theatre Centre, 1967.

The Great Barrier Reef was the inspiration for this boldly colored and geometric patterned summer dress, 1972.

A striking campaign developed for the Australian Wool Corporation, 1971–72.

Young, trendy and decadent – tailored suits for men designed by Mike Treloar for the Australian Wool Board's Golden Ram Awards, 1971.

Stepping out in style – urban wool fashions and heart-shaped sunglasses for tweens, 1971.

Shades of pink – fashions for a sunny winter's day. Photographed for Woman's Day,
circa 1966–71.

Dressed in the latest winter wool fashions, a Danish model poses for an Australian Wool Board fashion shoot later exhibited at the Royal Show, 1968.

'Angels in orbit' – a fashion shoot of space-age inspired garments just in time for the moon landing, 1969. This photograph dates back to 1969. It was shot on location in Canberra, Australia. This photograph was found at the National Archives of Australia.
Explore the world of fashion in the 1960s and 70s, when trendsetters created a fashion revolution with a mix of miniskirts, space-aged garments and 'granny' dresses. Posed fashion shots sit alongside the exuberance of street culture, capturing the essence of a period when cultural change ruled. This showcase includes comments by Lee Lin Chin and accompanies the Australian National Archives exhibition.