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Pascal Hausermann Architecture

Pascal Hausermann created the amazing space age Motel "l'Eau Vivre" in 1967. This amazing structure resembles our much beloved Barbapapa House. Either Pascal Hausermann was inspired by the French Barbapapa TV-series and children books or the other way around! The motel was built for a local hotel owner in the city of "Raon-l'Etape" in the "Vosges" district of France and is situated on a small island in the middle of a river. Back in 1967, the hotel owner wanted to build a second hotel and hired Pascal Hausermann for the job.

During the last 40 plus years, the motel went through several owners and was even abandoned for a while but surprisingly, the entire structure still stands, pretty much unchanged with exception of the interiors! The current owner, the Methot family, restored it to near perfection and renamed it the "MUSEUMOTEL L'UTOPIE". Now for the best part, the hotel is open for business so you can actually stay in this amazing place! Here is the link: http://www.museumotel.com/resa.htm

You can watch a video as well on YouTube

Since 1959, Pascal Hausermann, bohemian architect, visionary, utopian and poet has tried to dream, to invent, to experiment creating a different type architecture, new forms of housing, for a freedom to build without boundaries... It was part of an alternative architectural movement designed to counteract the conformism of building construction which depends on rigid rules or structures. Pascal Hausermann's architecture offered an organic round womb type of dwelling, an entirely different way to live.

With more than 50 architectural achievements Pascal Hausermann is one of the most prolific modern French architects. Several other architects who made homes in the same style of architecture included Antti Lovag, Eero Saarinen, Guy Rottier, Jean-Louis Chanéac, Benjamin Maneval, Joël Unal, Daniel Grataloup among many others.

Of the 50 structures that were built by Pascal Hausermann, probably only 20 still stand today.

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