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Pistillo Lamp Modern Light

Pistillo Lamp
Studio Tetrarch for Valenti Luce in Italy
Modern Light designed in 1969

From all the lamps we have ever featured, the Pistillo lamp still takes our breath away. There's just no equal to this amazing modern lamp. This lamp was designed after the natural design of a flower as found in nature. This classic icon of 20th century design was designed by Studio Tetrarch in the late 1960's for Valenti in Italy.

The Pistillo lamp measures 23 5/8" in diameter. This modern lamp has a single mirror topped chrome light bulb in the center (included with purchase). This chrome bulb reflects the light on the arms of the Pistillo lamp which in return create a radial light pattern with light beams. These light beams resemble the rays of the sun. You will witness an amazing atmosphere in your room at night, and during daytime, it looks equally impressive.

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