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Gaetano Pesce La Mama Chair

Gaetano Pesce La Mama Chair

This miniature reproduction can fit in the palm of your hand! This miniature chair is part of the miniature chair collection from the Vitra Design Museum in Germany. Each of these miniature chairs are highly detailed and are exact copies of the original large version! These miniature design chairs come in a wooden box with a brochure which provides art-historical information on the background to the design, biography of the designer, and the production history of the respective chair. Because they are so true to the originals, the miniatures are not only valuable collector's items, but also ideal illustrative materials for universities, design colleges and architects.

Gaetano Pesce designed the La Mama Chair in 1969 for B&B Italia. Compressed and vacuum packed in PVC wrappers La Mamma, as part of the 'Up Series' literally bounced to life when unwrapped. Described by the designer as 'transformation' furniture, these iconic designs turned the act of purchasing a chair into a 'happening'.

One of the most alluring is the Up5 chair, Up6 series, affectionately dubbed 'La Mamma' chair. Vacuum-packed in a cardboard box, the Up 5 inflates to become a voluptuous yet abstract female figure attached by a cord to Up 6, a ball-shaped ottoman symbolizing the shackles that keep women subjugated, even in these feminist times.

An icon of the late 1960s Pop Art era, these chairs were part of a series described by Pesce as "transformation" furniture. Pieces were shipped by the manufacturer compressed in a thermosealed vacuum container which, when unsealed, caused the foam to expand back to its original size and fully form within one hour.

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