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Cirrus "The-Jet"

Cirrus New Jet

The dawn of "The-Jet" age

Brand new and already featured in the Wall Street Journal today!
If you have money to burn consider this super cool new jet.
Cirrus, maker of smaller private jets is releasing a brand new jet,
simply called "The-Jet".

Here's what Cirrus is saying:

‘Jet Age’ takes on a whole new meaning, a more personal meaning, with the opportunity for a personal jet. Cirrus believes our new emerging class of personal jet will both create and fulfill an exciting market sector - the realm between high performance single-engine airplanes and the very light jet (VLJ) class. The personal jet follows the Cirrus philosophy path to grow and enhance the entire personal aviation industry.What you can expect from us is a jet that is simple to fly and easy to operate in a variety of new and formerly challenging environments. Passengers and pilots will find the entire experience to be immensely comfortable and intuitive, with a cockpit and cabin layout that is designed to maximize space in a sanctuary of luxury and safety. Simplicity of design assures that man and machine blend in unity, providing a jet that is uncomplicated to operate and inexpensive to own. One engine. Overall stability. Operational flexibility. Parachute safety.A personal jet is about more than power, it’s about empowering you to live the dream of the jet lifestyle. We choose to not release more details at this time, but you do have our promise that the Cirrus personal jet will be this: the brilliant execution of ingenious design.

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