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Charles Deaton Key Savings

Charles Deaton Key Savings and Loan Association (now Colonial Bank)

This futuristic looking commercial building is located in Englewood, Colorado.
It was created by architect Charles Deaton in the early 1960's and still stands today.
Charles Deaton is the architect of the famous "Sculptured House" near Denver, Colorado.
The "Sculptured House" was made famous by Woody Allen's Sleeper movie.
A wonderful architect that remains mostly undiscovered.

Charles Deaton:

Born in Clayton, New Mexico in 1921.
The first home Charles Deaton can remember is a tent. He was only three when his family of five moved from Arkansas to a 10-acre farm in Oklahoma, with all their possessions loaded in a wagon, pulled by a horse and followed by a cow. Before they finished building a simple one-room house on their new farm, the Deaton family would spend two winters living in a tent on the open Oklahoma plains. The youngest occupant of that tent went on to become a self-taught but internationally-acclaimed architect, as well as an industrial designer, sculptor and inventor. Young Charles delivered newspapers in order to buy books and clothing for high school and to buy supplies to teach himself commercial art at night. By age 16, he was supporting himself entirely from his newfound craft. A specialist in commercial rather than residential architecture, Deaton has designed projects in 36 states and Canada, including the Wyoming National Bank in Casper and the Key Savings Building in Denver. He also was architect for the two-stadium Harry S. Truman Sports Complex in Kansas City.