Suprematism Watch by Projects Watches

Designer Denis Guidone’s Suprematism Watch homage to the abstract Russian Suprematist art movement is a bold Projects Watches timepiece ripe with color, shape and movement. Suprematism, the invention of Russian artist Kazimir Malevich circa 1913, was one of the earliest and most radical developments in abstract art. Its name derived from Malevich's belief that Suprematist art would be superior to all the art of the past, and that it would lead to the supremacy of pure feeling or perception in the pictorial arts. Suprematism's 37mm unisex case is made of black IPB stainless steel and paired with a black silicone band. 

Simon Karkov: Normann Copenhagen Norm 06 Pendant Lamp with Electrical Cable

Love DIY modern light kits? Sometimes it’s not so much about creating new – but rather about taking existing things and putting them into a new perspective… or background. We hope you like this beautiful Norm 06 flower-shape do it yourself lamp kit from Normann Copenhagen. Norm 06 is a sculptural lamp shade with its own expression. It is easy to assemble without the need for any tools or glue. Norm 06 is a good place to start your lamp-puzzle adventure. The lamp distributes a soft, surrounding light that works well in most rooms. Hang it over the dining room table, in the entrance hall or use it in the bedroom. Norm 06 can be cleaned with a duster or by using the shower head in the shower. The lamp shade is made of a special, non flammable plastic material. 

Simon Karkov graduated in architecture from The Danish Academy of Architecture. Since the sixties he has been working for several architecture offices in Denmark. The past 10 years he mainly worked for the Municipality of Frederiksberg. During this period he left his mark on several projects, for example Frederiksberg Hospital and Frederiksberg Gymnasium. Today Simon is enjoying his retirement in Turkey working on different projects.
“Whenever I get an idea I draw a sketch which is then transformed into a model. The model is then adjusted over a period of time until the final prototype can be done. I dream of developing new ways of designing furniture and larger objects through the self-assembly concept. This concept must be able to work on a larger scale and that thought fascinates me.”

Denis Guidone Meantime for Projects Watches Inspired by Minimalism

From the Denis Guidone Collection. A dazzling, minimalist accented modern timepiece based on Projects Watches's philosophy to meld design and functionality. Denis Gudone's iconic Meantime watches takes on black silicone band with a modern Black IP stainless steel case. Quartz movement. Round stainless steel case, 38mm (1.5"). Line Second markers.


The Ledraplastic SpA, manufacturer of the Gymnic line, was founded in 1963 and was a pioneer in the processing of non-toxic vinyl. The first two decades of production focused on toys for young children, such as puppets made ??under license from the Walt Disney Company. From the mid-eighties, Ledraplastic SpA has established itself as a manufacturing leader in various areas ranging from toys to fitness to physical therapy and wellness. Gymnic - The Way to Move is the brand where design is based on the concepts of movement and comfort of people of all age groups.

Size: 21 x 18 x 10 inches ; 3 pounds.
Material: soft, super strong, latex-free, BPA-free and phthalate-free vinyl.


Tom Dixon Sculpture-Like "Stacking-Seating-Decorating" Contemporary Jack Lights are modern multi-functional light objects made from plastic that use the process of rotary moulding.  The Jack Light was first launched in 1994 and became somewhat of a design icon. Since then, Jack floor lights were designed and mass produced to prove industrial manufacture was still possible in the UK. Dimensions Height: 52cm x Width: 58cm x Depth: 58cm Cable length: 3.5m Materials & Finishes Produced from polyethylene Jack uses the industrial process of air rotation-moulding. Bulb (included) 1 x E27 5W CFL bulb. IP20. rated. Tom Dixon fell into the design of the Jack Light by accident when he found himself with “time on his hands" while recovering from a motorcycle accident. As an art school drop-out with no technical training, he taught himself how to become a designer-maker in 1983 after discovering welding when trying to repair his motorbike which led to the design of the industrial-like Jack Light.