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Alexander Calder-Style Art Stabile: Red, Blue & Yellow

Modern tabletop sculpture inspired by the forms of Alexander Calder. I really enjoy the stabiles by Alexander Calder. Whenever I go to Paris, I visit the Arche de la Défense. They have on view one of the best stabiles of Alexander Calder sculpture. The piece on display is the "Grand Stabile Rouge" which was installed in 1976 and measures a whopping 15 meters in height. I always think of Caldern's modernist forms whenever I am practicing my craft of creating Calder inspired tabletop sculptures. This all-metal stabile is a miniture size 12inch long by 8inch high by 12inch wide. It is finished with a rich and vibrant powder coating in red, blue and yellow for durability. It was made in the USA by master metal craftsmen. Alexander Calder was the most important American sculptor of the 20th century, and the most popular and internationally celebrated sculptor of the post-war period. The foundation of Calder's approach was metal works, something he derived not only from European modernism, but also from children's toys. He abandoned the process of factory-made casting that had been the basis for other modern artists such as Henry Moore, and instead worked on materials directly. He liked the fierce involvement brought with materials such as metal and painted them in vibrantly bright colors such as reds, yellows and blues. Watching the slow motion of this stabile is a remedy against stress and it looks stunning in any interior.