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I am VIME by Alessi

VIME created by Italian kitchen accessory brand Alessi in Rattan is a new creation by the Campana bros.   CRAZY beautiful, this new centerpiece fruit bowl "Rocks the Casbah". The Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana transformed your basic fruit bowl into an artistic centerpiece with a unique rattan design... From NOVA68, the (oldest) modern design store in the USA with a fine nose for all things modern.

Our work is born from the handling of materials. Pieces begin to take shape when we start playing with materials; materials tell us the extent to which they can and want to be transformed. Our objects are born from this playful experience, from the bent shown by these materials. The Favela chair, for instance, expresses a carefree way of making a chair, from scraps of wood, without following any rules or adhering to a Cartesian plan. This is an evolution, but with a more mature and more objective vision of what we want, of a study, called the Mixed series, that began in 2000 and originated the Shark Chair (2000). Curiously, the liana, a natural fibre we use to make the TransPlastic series, grows on the trees of the Amazon forest, suffocating them and stunting their growth. The liana is an analogy of this particular line of work; the wicker starts to grow from the plastic, suffocating it and obtaining nourishment from it. We build casually; we like to play with chance, to dabble with deconstruction. But there is still a rational thought, a logical idea, behind it all. In one of our most recent projects, the TransPlastic series, we look into the nature of materials, marrying manmade elements with natural handcrafted ones: nature and plastic. - Fernando and Humberto Campana