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Arco Lamp - Floor lamp - Flos | For the Home

The Arco, a creation by Achille Castiglioni from 1962 for the Italian lighting manufacturer FLOS requires no introduction. Released a whopping 50 years ago; the Flos Arco Floor Lamp is a brilliant example of "lighting engineering" that has outlasted most other lights from that era.  Surprisingly though perhaps is the fact that the Arco looks like a product that was designed today; not a half-a-century ago.  Castiglioni's design proved to be so popular that the manufacturer could not keep up with demand when it was first introduced.  During the last years, the classic Arco, has suffered the infamous burden of countless imitators (a quick search on Google for "Arco Lamp Replica" or "Arco Lamp Reproduction" reveals "73,100 results" yet there is only one original; the Arco made by Italian manufacturer FLOS which is sold through a select group of licensed retailers such as Stardust in the US. The materials used in the production of the authentic Flos Arco Lamp have not changed since its launch 50 years ago. The price for the authorized Arco model is $2,950.00. {image credit Stardust.com}