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Magis Flower Chair by Pierre Paulin 'Flower Chaise'

Pierre Paulin Flower Chair by Magis. Our most beautiful design chair! Every once in a while something comes along with lasting staying power. This something happens to be the gracious Paulin Flower Chair. The organic modern shape of this beautiful modern design chair is very fluid in form. Pierre Paulin's Flower Chair is like a sculpture, visually pleasing from all sides. Balanced, organic and beautiful to look at. Flower promises privacy yet conceals little. Its sheer and sexy silhouette makes it a worthy addition to any interior. Pierre Paulin's received widespread acclaim as a space age modern furniture designer. His modern furniture can be found at major museums across the world. Pierre Paulin designed the Flower Chair for Magis in Italy.

Inviting and provocative, the low Flower Chair by Pierre Paulin brightens any space, just as a fresh-cut bouquet. This uniquely modern seat was one of the very last works of Pierre Paulin's 60 year career and definitely the most stunning. Pierre Paulin's Flower Chair is an injection-molded piece. This modern chair is made of clear transparent polycarbonate and features a fuchsia colored seat cushion, a favorite Pierre Paulin color. While plastic chairs sometimes feel a bit flimsy, this one weighs more than 20 pounds, so it has some heft. It wasn't easy to get right: Magis's founder, Eugenio Perazza, had to do at least ten prototypes, and he drove to Pierre Paulin's house in the French country side more than twenty times (for an estimated total of about 25,000 miles on the road).