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Kay Bojesen Puffin Bird

This beautiful Kay Bojesen's "forgotten" Puffin Bird design (sea parrrot) was introduced in 1954 and re-introduced in 2013.  Unlike most other animals in the Kay Bojesen figures, The Puffin has a black and white painted body with a beak decorated in blue, red and yellow stripes. Full of character and humor, Kay Bojesen's bright-billed wooden bird can change his expression with a simple tilt of his head. You would think that such a colorful, exotic-looking bird would come from some distant tropical climate. But nothing could be further from the truth. The peculiar puffin with its colorful bill, like Kay Bojesen himself, is a product of the cold North. The puffin lives in large colonies in Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, and once in a while, some take a little detour to Denmark. Perhaps even to Kay Bojesen's garden, where the charming bird with the kindly and naive eyes would have received a warm welcome from the designer with the playful imagination and amazing skills for bringing wood to life.  Let's take Puffin on a trip!

Puffin looking for a mate in the Spring

Puffin and friend cuddling up in the Winter

Puffin becomes part of Henri Rousseau's The Dream

Puffin hits the town

 Kay Bojesen devised this beautiful little Puffin animal in collaboration with the great theater artist, Svend Rasmussen, who was famous for his naive brush and color and who painted Kay Bojesen's wooden figures in his garage shop in Broad Street.