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Patricia Hanson's Stoney Lake Glass House
Ultra Minimal Modern Glass House

The compact glass form of the Stoney Lake Glass House will please even the fussiest naturalist; a Photographer's Studio on Stoney Lake in Ontario Canada sits on a granite plinth at the water's edge; suspending the building, lantern-like, on the site. Continuously bathed in diffused and undiminished natural light, the transparent façade of the north–facing live/work studio becomes the essential element in a photographic apparatus while transforming the site and surrounding vistas into a sublime, ever–changing backdrop. 

Conceived through a contemporary lens of sustainability, program, site and amenity, the innovative, context-driven design transforms the archetypal glass house to enhance the environmental and programmatic performance of the building, creating an architecture of pure iconic resonance.  The interior is a spartan reflection of the minimalist architectural clarity of the Stoney Lake Glass House.  An original Adelta-edition Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair from NOVA68 is suspended in the center of the living space; it's transparent crystal shell further enhances a feeling of spaciousness.  A black leather Hans J. Wegner EJ 100 Ox chair manufacturer by Erik Jørgensen was purchased from Stardust Modern Design. Willy Guhl's iconic modernist Loop Chairs from NOVA68 will be replacing the temporary outdoor chairs.

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"Taking on the classical Canadian weekend boat house, this project refuses the stone and wood palette that 99% of its neighbours thrive on. Transforming the modern glass house, the project instead takes the ephemerality of the mist, the snow, and the water as its interlocutor and uses a palette of “white” to underline qualities of the surrounding landscape. With technical virtuosity, the detailing of the studio is impeccable-- covering the depth of floor slabs, the relationship between glazing and railing, and the evidence of program, essentially “erasing” as much as possible to bring emphasis to the site itself."

"The conceptual clarity of the reinterpretation of the glass house in an open landscape is pushed to the limit of construction technique. Slab, trusses dissolve and become invisible, hidden behind the mullions. The landscape becomes the background for this exercise in contained energy."

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