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Alessi Splugen Bottle Opener

Alessi Splugen Bottle Opener; a functional design icon for the person that has it all. Crack open a cold brewski or an Italian Campari soda bottle with a classic industrial design icon; the Splugen Bottle Opener designed by the Italian grandmaster flash of design, Achille Castiglioni. Few objects capture the efficient beauty of the industrial-like Splugen Bottle Opener. Merely looking at it and you know that this sleek bottle-opening tool means serious business. True, you don't need this much solid stainless steel just to open a bottle, but it sure makes popping caps fast and fun. The clean minimalist lines of this bottle opener are subtle enough that it can be a paper weight by day and a party starter by night. This professional bottle opener is the preferred tool of the trade for any self-respecting bar tender in Italy. A timeless icon of design as featured in the Wall Street Journal. Stamped with Alessi logo; the Splugen Bottle Opener comes packaged in a nice cardboard box suitable for gift-giving.