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Man Ray Chess Set

We love the simplicity and surreal shapes of this Man Ray designed
chess set.  Man Ray was a big chess fan, astutely observing that "while not all
artists are chess players, all chess players are artists". Although he was never
as good at the game as his friend, artist Marcel Duchamp (a chess Master who
called Man Ray a third-rate "wood pusher"), Man Ray enjoyed playing the game
and was interested in designing new, modern forms for chess pieces. He designed
his first set in 1920, which he later cast in brass and plated with silver and gold
for collectors such as the Maharajah of Indore.  Luckily; you don't need to be
a Maharajah no more.  After a hiatus of 90 years, the original Man Ray
Chess Set is finally released again through design purveyor nova68.