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Ferrari Dino 246 GT

Ferrari Dino 246 GT from 1974

Prepare to smell the rubber baby... One of the most iconic cars ever created; the Ferrari Dino 246 GT captures the spirit of Ferrari's streamlined design and finely tuned engineering during the early 1970s. The roots of Ferrari’s esteemed Dino GT dream machine can be traced as far back as the mid-1950s, when Enzo Ferrari’s ailing son Dino proposed the development of a race-intended V-6 motor that eventually received considerable input from former Alfa Romeo designer extraordinaire Vittorio Jano. By 1966, the resulting Dino engine was campaigned with considerable success in the mid/rear-engine Dino 206 S race car, a roadgoing concept prototype of which the Dino 206 S Speciale debuted at the 1966 Paris Auto Show. This prototype was further developed with the 1967 Dino 206 GT, the first series-production roadgoing Dino, which was powered by a Fiat-built Dino V-6 engine manufactured under license from Ferrari and branded without Ferrari badges.

Immensely popular for its characteristic Ferrari performance, near-perfect weight distribution, and spry handling, not to mention a beautiful Pininfarina body design built by Scaglietti, the Dino GT was further developed over the ensuing years with a larger displacement engine to result in the Dino 246, which also became available in an open-top GTS version. When, in 1973, 7½-inch-wide Campagnolo wheels became available, cars so optioned were bodied with wider fender flares that covered the new wheels to meet road regulations. Some of these cars were also optioned with Daytona seats, racing-style bucket seats originally equipped in the concurrent V-12 Daytona. Now often referred to as “Chairs and Flares” examples, the small number of Dino 246 examples equipped with this option combination have become increasingly valued in recent years for their rakish looks and extra sporting character.

Credits: RM Auctions