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Manuel Barbadillo

Manuel Barbadillo "Disalda" 1969

Manuel Barbadillo "Acuario" late 1960s

 Manuel Barbadillo "Relieve Uno" 1984

Manuel Barbadillo "Mural" Fuengirola Málaga 1969-70

Fans of Victor Vasarely will appreciate the works of art by Spanish artist Manuel Barbadillo (1929-2003).  Although his style is considered to be influenced by op art; his oeuvre is uniquely different.  Manuel Barbadillo was one of the earliest proponents of the "computer art movement".  Manuel Barbadillo was born in Sevilla but lived most of his life in Málaga.  Starting from the late 1960s, with the advent of the personal computer, Spanish artist Manuel Barbadillo used combinatorial tests with a computer and a dot matrix printer to create beautiful optical prints. He selected those that seemed most interesting to paint. This may seem trivial nowadays but it was a groundbreaking form of art in the 1960s.  Manuel Barbadillo remains pretty much unknown outside Málaga and his (often forgotten) works can be found at the most unusual of places; like the nondescript wall of the Apartamentos Milan in Fuengirola, Málaga.  We feel he deserves more attention so check out his works when visiting Málaga or Galeria Cayon in Madrid.