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Wittamer Pâtisserie in Brussels

Edible Art by Wittamer

Wittamer may very well be our favorite Pâtisserie in Europe after numerous samplings in cities like Antwerp, Vienna, Paris and Brussels. Paul and Myriam Wittamer are masters of their craft and create jewel-like and highly sophisticated chocolates, maroons and patisseries.  Wittamer is the official supplier to the Court of Belgium and member of the Relais Desserts Association.  But you don't need to be of royal descent to enjoy their delicacies.  Their Pâtisserie takes up a prominent spot at the Place du Grand Sablon,
which also happens to be the heart of the antiques district.

Text and Image Credits: 
Lucia Fontana and Luc Viatour for moderndesign.org and Wittamer

Place du Grand Sablon 6 
1000 Brussels 
+32 2 512 37 42