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Ultra Modern Mediterranean Dream House

Mediterranean Modern Dream House in Mallorca Spain

Atelier d'Architecture Bruno Erpicum and Partners

Perhaps the most exquisite house we can feature this year is Bruno Erpicum's new masterpiece in Mallorca Spain. Perched high upon a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, this ultra modern dream house offers the most amazing views. Set in the natural and untouched landscape along the coast line of Mallorca in Spain, this brilliant cliffhanger-of-a-house takes natural advantage of the sea breezes to keep it cool during the summer. On hot, calm days in the spring and summer, all your senses come alive as the smell of wild thyme and Mediterranean Pine trees waft down from the surrounding hills, the air is filled by the tinkling of the bells that hang from the neck of the sheep and goats, the Mediterranean Sea is never far away and the salty tang of it lingers on your tongue as you breathe and all around you is the silky caress of a warm breeze. 

In one hand I hold my Pastis 51 (admittedly so, it is perhaps a bit too French but it's pure perfection regardless) and in the other hand rests a sun tarnished copy of Peter Heater's 'The Fall of the Roman Empire'; a book I never quiet managed to finish back in New York. Chances are that this will be a most splendid holiday.  This most remarkable gem of a house was constructed by the Belgian architect:

 Text and Image Credits: Lucia Fontana for moderndesign.org, Bruno Erpicum, Jean-Luc Laloux.